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See what I mean? Mayor Frank Jackson wants to charge $9.25 a month, or $111 a year, for garbage pickup. Hitting the little guy because he’s afraid of tapping those who paid his campaign bills.


This is GARBAGE, Mayor Jackson! The same will go a weak-kneed City Council if it, as is likely, go along with it.


Is there a council member who has any regard for the people of Cleveland?


Jackson is trying to play a game by saying that he’s following a report of experts that are as bad as he is. See Henry Gomez’s story about Jackson’s tax your garbage GARBAGE: http://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/index.ssf/2009/11/cleveland_mayor_frank_jackson_7.html


I wrote the other day how politicians don’t go to the well off or the rich for tax increase, they go to the little guy. Regressive tax upon regressive tax. This is a tax! I outlined tax after tax that slams the little guy while the wealthy enjoy low taxes. Please take a look: http://realneo.us/content/its-fair-taxes-honest-city-revenue-stupid


Mayor Jackson has made a mistake that I hope wakes up some people in Cleveland. People should be angry. Damned angry.


Mayor Jackson, you can’t even pick up the garbage with the high, unjust taxes paid in Cleveland. This is a new low.


Jackson is turning out to be just another bad Cleveland mayor. A caretaker of the city for the wealthy.


He’s the mayor of no good ideas. He’s the mayor of no ideas. He’s the mayor of allowing what is BAD to be what is.


If Jackson wants this tax, Council and the People of Cleveland should tell him: Put it on the ballot. Let the taxpayers vote!






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$9.25 a week?

“Jackson said this afternoon that he favors a $9.25 monthly fee”

Thanks Onegus. $9.25 a

Thanks Onegus. $9.25 a month, $111 a year.

There's a way to fix that. 

There's a way to fix that.  If you don't put any garbage out to pick up, he can't charge you.  Everybody take their trash and dump it on his sidewalk for pick up or take it up to Tremont West and leave it for the garbage truck and before too long they will get the message.  This is a game that so easily could be won and our fine Mayor could be taught a lesson that could go back to the Danny Greene days.  People are the answer and their desire to stand up for their rights. 

You can only tax a "fixed income" so far and those are the citizens who get caught in the crossfire of all the bullshit.

Oh boy!  So what are our

Oh boy!  So what are our choices?  Really, what are our choices?  I can imagine a crowd of people protesting this one.  But, wait...we will get tazered or have tear gas thrown in our faces or have that scream machine destroy our ear drums.  It would have been better to have known this before the election...then perhaps, people would have voted differently.  Isn't it convenient how everything good happens just before an election and everything bad begins soon afterwards.  What a coincidence.  This couldn't possibly have been planned...or could it?  Sometimes I wonder just how stupid people that live here in Cleveland really are...myself included...but at least this time I didn't vote for either the mayor or the councilman.

The lack of community

The lack of community activism will allow city council members to go along with Jackson.

There simply is no or very little activism left in Cleveland. CDCs are creatures of city hall - council or mayor - because that's where their paychecks come.

It would take an organized effort to protest this "fee."

It doesn't mean dumping garbage on the mayor's front-door but a whole lot of bags of garbage left neatly in front of city hall would attract some attention. Maybe Jackson could assess a fee on himself then.


trash & Jackson

Can you imagine how the city will look if this happens? The back alleys and less used areas will become dumping grounds. There are a lot of us that have cleaned up areas over the years and it eventually works (lots, curbs, etc) but it will be for naught if this goes through. I think that the $9.25 x households = some administrator cuts.  

I think we will be charged

I think we will be charged just for owning a home in Cleveland if the bill will be added to the water bill.  I don't think the trash collectors are going to go house to house billing only those houses that put out trash.  If you own a home in Cleveland and pay a water bill you will be charged this garbage collection fee.

My youngest son called me today to chastise me.  He mistakenly thought I voted for Mayor Jackson.  He told me, "see what you get for voting for Jackson".  I was happy to tell him that Jackson didn't get my vote. 

I will pay for my garbage pickup fee by unsubscribing to to the daily and weekly newspaper.  It will cut down on trash not to have all that paper around and save me a trip to the recycling bin too.   The only drawback is that St. Rocco's school will have less paper in their paper collection bin, the funds generated go to the school.   The community is effected by every decision, even if only in small ways. 

But, we can all join in the Jackson's mantra, "it is what it is".  Is that the same as saying "be happy with what you get and shut your mouth?"   

fees for trash

 It will be interesting to see how this all works out and if the $9.25 proposed fee per household is an amount based on some real research or if it is a negotiating tactic that when reduced to $5 per month makes it more acceptable.  

I recycle & take stuff to the big recycle dumpsters. I have been waiting for the return of curbside recycling. That is not going to happen. The areas that have had the experimental curbside recycling pick up need to have that eliminated and the huge bins placed through out the neighborhoods so that recycling is still easy. How much will that save? Or wait, will those recycling bins be filled with trash soon? How can the City Administration and Council even consider this when 1) the Mayor is saying that there will be no layoffs (I think that after the fees are passed by Council that there will be layoffs so we will have both fees and cuts in services) 2) the poverty level is so high that people with multiple prescriptions skip a prescription or two monthly even on the $4 generics because it all adds up and something has to give, even if it is their health.


Sucker punch to folks in the City

I haven't been able to post and I will be off line for a while, but I want to clarify that Cleveland City Council passed a GARBAGE TAX that will charge $8.00/unit  per month added to the property owner's water bill.  This means $16.00/double, $24.00/triple and $32.00/four suite buildings.  PER MONTH!  Properties with more than four units are required by the City of Cleveland to contract with a hauler. 

Does this not all SMELL to high heaven, YET?!  Just wait...

Landlords will pass this cost on to their tenants.  If they do not pay the garbage tax portion of the water bill--then the County will be able to attach a lien on the property for collection of this fee.  Don't trust the County, and, the real estate games we live with when it comes to demolitions, selective application of liens and lien sales?...

To add insult to injury--the three (significant number, no?) council persons who refused to go along with this scheme? They are JEERED by the Plain Dealer.  JEERED. 

Merry Christmas and to all a good night...

Presents for Jackson?

Garbage on the steps of City Hall as an artistic and political statement  :)

with ribbons

I have an assortment of pretty ribbons that will work nicely with the wrap (garbage bags). 

Remember 77% of the people

Remember 77% of the people that voted in Cleveland voted for Mayor Jackson. 

The other thing I want to add, however, is that yesterday after the snow there actually was a salt truck that came down our streets and the roads were cleared of ice and snow.  I was impressed and actually thought that I was transported to a suburban area.  It was nice to have this service.  If we will actually get better city services if we pay the garbage fee it might be worth it.   Let's see what happens the next time we get the ice and snow this winter. 

Personally I don't mind paying a little extra when it results in better living conditions.  But I really don't like paying extra if the service is poor or non-existant.  I found the money to pay for the garbage fee by discontinuing my PD subscription.  When one expense increases it is necessary to decrease something else to balance the budget.  But since social security is not going to increase this year at all it will be difficult for senior citizens to keep up with the increased costs, that is for sure.  Maybe the city will find employment for everyone willing and able to work...that would be really something to improve the economy and the lives all the residents.

Storm water tax

  Add the storm water tax to the garbage tax--Merry Christmas! 

Soon there won't be any

Soon there won't be any money left for food at the rate they want to tax us. 

You know the old sayings, "give them an inch and they take a mile", and,
"add insult to injury". 

But, seriously, I do wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.