remember norm you posted that i should slow down and not post to take away from your post - now great goddess debwebb can

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remember norm you posted   that i should slow down and not post to take away from your post - now great goddess debwebb can slow down so my posts aren't taken away to the back of the bus -

i mine - other videos have been the same and norm you didn't  do it to them - over 5 years - i have to to tell my story to protect myself from the ones that want me off the realneos coops - dead -

 if one can't wait a few moments more to help protect my life - than its a secret agenda or selfish - with all do repect -

i need help to help others - to save lifes and or to make life easier - i will put back - i won't be censored - you wouldn't be censored - realneo  coop doesn't censor for a few moments -

ask me first - its like having to go to the back of the bus - i won't sit in the back of the bus- i love you all your my suragate family - i beg you to - i pled with you - help save my life - let me post ride in the front of the bus so more folks can read my story -

i demand equality - i'm am equal - wow - if you want to ban me and this may be leading up to it - i sound like you norm - speaking back to the trulls -

i get the most reads - realneo coop is up 20 to 30% since i joined - folks want to see me - view me on the front page - is someone afraid of my stories -

 remember norm you posted   that i should slow down and not post to take away from your post - now great goddess debwebb can slow down so my posts aren't taken away to the back of the bus -

i'm white not black - yogis black not white - i'm contacting the naacp -  and the naawp - i calling barack obama my great president and state my civil rights are being violated -

is this  are first argument - am i humors - satire - parody - don't file a criminal complaint aganist me - lilly help  me  fight the closet trolls on here -

who got paid off - i 'm doing an impersenation - "and who got paid to kill my post or bury my post - if we let debwebb and norm get away with this whats next - my our posts put in ' technology' -

lets vote on putting a memebers post to the back of the bus - this is a coop  not a dictatorship - democracy now - me and yogi forgive you norm -

debwebb slow down relax watch your realneo coop load in a slow motion way as you are doing 'ti chi' posting - i teach ti chi posting for $ 500.00 an hour - it is only  for one page out of your life and than back to normal - or norm loading - remember the golden rule -

eternal thanks for this opportunity to be an american speaking to truth to power - i met some wonderfull cleveland police officers today and they liked yogi more than me - they liked the black dog better than the white human - what is this world coming to - when a white human blog poster is put in the back of the blog bus-

yogi and guy are trolls attacking norm and debwebb - for one day - and we will be the official trolls on realneo coop - if this ever happens again - we will attack realneo coop and eat it - this is a parody so please don't file a police report that we threaten you-

"will some one please pay me to post videos that take longer to load"

i was a profesonial (not speller) comedion before i was an activist - we miss the buster roulet stuff - so i have to bring back my act to make every one not laugh - so this is a threat - if you ever move my posts to the back of the bus - i will post 100 times more not funny funny stuff-

we love you tim russo - if you need help with you campaian (not spelling) me and yogi volunteer - signs signs signs - we will pass em out-

eternal thanks to all for not laughing - but we got a few smiles and a lot of oh nos

your favorite trolls - yogi and guy

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"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always." - Mahatma Gandhi  TRUTH  -  EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL

yogi and guy

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it doesn't help anyone to have content on a website that doesn't

Your videos are still on your posts - I just put the text before the videos so the videos wouldn't load to the home page - they do seem to have been hanging the site up.

It may be a browser issue for some people - it may be a bandwidth issue - about 800 visitors to realNEO a month are on dial-up...

Videos can be a real problem and we can't have the site load slowly - when it comes down to technical problems they need to be solved the moment they are noticed - if a table blows out the CSS code, a photo is wider than 650 pixels, or a video loads slow, I'm going to figure out the problem and fix it immediately and then try to figure out how to prevent the problem in the future - we have to consider 1,000s of page loads a day here

The fact is that if a webpage loads slowly people just leave before it loads, and nothing gets read, so it doesn't help anyone to have content on a website that doesn't work.

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The following excerpt is from the self help
psychology book, Be Your Own Therapist.

On the playgrounds of our youth we all heard the old phrase, "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Unfortunately, many societal groups seem intent today upon claiming that words too always hurt. Whoever believes this gets to feel hurt a lot and is always at the whim of some person out there. Personal power is lacking.

It has only been in recent years that significant questioning of a hurt response to such verbal slings and arrows has developed. In the gay/lesbian movement there has been much recent discussion over the words "fag" and "queer" with many of the younger generation of gays and lesbians claiming those labels publicly. (Young blacks sometimes calling each other "nigger" has been a parallel development). By so doing, these younger men and women are increasing their self-esteem as well as making it impossible for homophobic/ racist bashers to bother them with words. This healthier response is an example of empowerment. A few happier activists are even coming to a belief that there is no such thing as adult verbal harassment. They are viewing claims of verbal victimization very differently. Their view is that claimants of verbal harassment have often thrown away possibilities for verbal repartee and capabilities for moving away.

Most people these days think that nasty names "naturally" hurt folks. Such erroneous thinking is causing huge amounts of unhappiness.

The process of name-calling is typically based upon feeling not OK, and name-callers are trying to make themselves feel more powerful by using the process. If I call you a name and get you upset, then I temporarily feel more powerful because I had a powerful effect upon you. My self-esteem rises at your expense. I project my unhappiness on to you and you take it on if you allow yourself to be upset. If you do not get upset at my attempt, then I cannot dump my original unhappiness on you. Then I am left not only with my failure to successfully dump it on you but also with my original unhappiness to boot. Thus, if you're successful at being unbothered by my words, then I wind up more unhappy; and I'll probably quickly stop those words. This is a key element to understand, that name-callers will usually feel worse if you do not react to their name-calling. They will therefore be much quicker to stop such behavior than if you get visibly upset.

Someone call you a name? Whenever you hear such a name directed your way, thoughts along the lines of, "The name-caller is feeling weak right now" will help to prevent a possible hurt for you. Another useful self-thought is, "Whatever people say about me says nothing about me but a lot about them." We would be happier, feel more self-esteem and change the world dramatically if we all thought the following, "If I get upset by someone calling me a name, then I have given away my power and I need to make a different choice."


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Emotionally healthy adults, with respect to anger, are comfortable with anger and hatred, their own and others.

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Guy, thank you

for acknowledging the goddess debwebb. Now quit your bellyaching and learn to load your videos so that my computer doesn't grind to a halt when your post them. It is so bad that sometimes I can't visit that the real intent on your part? Just kidding.  Not everyone has the latest, up to date computer system that you and yogi enjoy, so unless you intend to discriminate against us lesser tech users, make it so that we can all sit in the middle of the bus.

Guy's driving the bus...

Yogi is pointing out celebrity homes...

I'm going to teach Guy to admin realNEO and he can stay up all night trying to keep it from getting bogged down...

You hear that, Yogi... get ready to learn some new tricks!

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we'er all bozos clowns) on this bus

we'er all bozos  (clowns) on this bus

quest is goin to get a nice big bus donated - we donate the bus to realneo coop - we all get on the bus - and go from neighborhood to neighborhood campaining for norms the peoples computor systems - with  voice amplphier - and a free lead test - and free organic healthy food and wonderfull up lifting music

yogi and guy

You get the bus donated...

I'll get it bigbanged...

The realNEO ICEarth Bigbang Bus...

Done deal... get working on that bus Guy... an old Bluebird schoolbus would be nice! Or perhaps RTA has some they may spare.

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I heard RTA has a lot of buses that they are going to be parking soon.  Get on this right away.

denwebb quest to donate a better faster computor norm instule

debwebb quest  to donate a better faster computor to you and norm will instule  software


yogi and guy

So, Guy, you get Norm over

to install stuff in this newer, faster computer, maybe some icearth, then let me know. I will need a monitor and keyboard too as my old imac has the computer and monitor as one unit. Let me know how it works out.

Does not get you off the hook though, just with me, cause there are still a lot of users with older computers that verge on crashing when they ecounter one of your wild videos that takes 15 minutes to download, and the computer freezes, and I can't do anything else cause your post have taken over my computer. It will stop me from complaining, though.

Let me know,

goddess debwebb