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RTA has decided to cut the services to the most transit-dependent. Not enough money, they say. Can’t you just accept that? What are you crying about?


You know things are tight.


Our leaders, however, found $168-million – so far – for “needs” that aren’t so crucial.


Well, we all know our values and priorities are all screwed up, don’t we?


Our leaders – private and public - raised the money with regressive taxes that weigh most heavily on whom - the very individuals who qualify as transit-dependent. Did you expect better over the years from the likes of Mike White, Tim Hagan, Jimmy Dimora, George Forbes and George Voinovich?


There are no taxes left for you people who can’t afford to buy and run an automobile. Geez we can’t do everything.


We’ve already taxed the B’jesus out of you. You should know that.


Here we go.


The Med Mart sales tax in July produced another $3,060,667. The kitty now totals $64.9 million. You may have notice in the Plain Dealer that the County has already paid more than $1 million MMPI, the Chicago firm given full control of the construction and operation of the new Medical Mart/Convention Center. By the way, the property will be tax exempted.


County taxpayers contributed another $1.2 million for $7.9 million this year for the Browns Stadium. Have the Browns played a single game there yet this year? Has anyone? Expensive trinket, that stadium.


The total taxes - on cigarettes, wine, beer, liquor - paid by you generous County taxpayers for the Browns stadium and the Lerner family: $55,499,393. By the way, the stadium, used almost exclusively by the billionaire Lerner family is also tax exempted.


Another $1.5 million was gathered solely from tobacco users for the Arts & Culture tax. The tax has raised $11.9 million so far this year and $48.3 million since the tax took effect in Feb. 2007.


We can always find money for the things certain interests want. They take it, of course. Gladly.


Those who don’t have power are simply left to fend for themselves. Is it any wonder other self-interests – like health insurance companies now - can lead so many individuals to react to what can be made to seem a rip-off?


They did the same thing for the Browns. You remember. As if our lives and the lives of our children rested upon a football team - a lousy one at that – playing in Cleveland.







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