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Mayor Frank Jackson in his latest “Cleveland – It’s Our Time” sends us a piece written about Pittsburgh that gives the lie to the Chamber of Commerce article on Cleveland’s rival city as presented by the Plain Dealer on its front page recently.

The article entitled “Potemkin Pittsburgh Perpetuated” says of the picture painted in the Pee Dee “even modestly educated Pittsburghers should find obscene and proves yet again that truth is the first casualty of government spin.”

It pokes fun at the glowing “facts” presented about Cleveland’s rival city by the PD's glowing article of Pittsburgh.

“There is not a single mention in The Plain Dealer’s nearly 50-paragraph story that Pittsburgh remains in state receivership. That’s not unlike a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization for those of yo in financial crisis analogies.

“Neither is there any mention that Pittsburgh’s public employee pension plans are on life support. And they’ll flat line without a massive state, i. e., taxpayer, bailout in the hundreds of million dollars.

Minor journalistic oversights.

The Pee Dee’s piece follows the traditional journalism boosterism of suggesting the grass is much greener on the other side of the fence.

Read it yourself:


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Additionally, there
is an article that may be of interest to you, it speaks of the challenges of
our neighboring city Pittsburgh . 
It also lends itself to Mayor Jackson's recent Opinion Editorial piece we
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"I do not want Cleveland
to be like Chicago or
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With that in mind, consider this recent editorial in
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largest daily newspaper. Whether the editorial’s views are accurate or
not, it does show there are two sides to every story. Click here
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