Submitted by Roldo on Thu, 02/12/2009 - 16:59.

George Voinovich took every dollar the feds sent him when he was Mayor of Cleveland and gave those dollars – tens of millions of them – to the richest people in Cleveland. He fed greed as if it were sacred.

And now he’s crying about the bailout. After eight years under President George Bush. Eight years when Voinovich was part of the team that has taken this nation to ruin.

He’s found something to complain about.

Can Voinovich tell us what federal dollar - as governor, as mayor or as senator - that he turned down and sent back from Ohio to Washington, D. C.? Just one dollar?

What a hypocrite. Now he blames, without using his name, Gov. Ted Strickland for wanting part of the stimulus package of federal aid.

Ohio is sinking like a hockey puck tossed into a lake, and Voinovich finds wanting federal help to be reprehensible.

The problem is that Voinovich has been Mayor of Cleveland,Cuyahoga County Commissioner, and Governor of Ohio and can you tell me which level of government is now succeeding after years and years of his being the leader on each level in the past 30 plus years?

I’ll be so happy to see this phony man of the people go.

He’s always been the luckiest politician I’ve known and one who plays George the Sincere when he’s only George the Fake.

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