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People, get your handkerchiefs out.

This is going to make you cry.
Poor Tim Hagan. The big, bad PD is picking on him. For the friends he keeps and their entanglement now in the County’s billion dollar Med Mart and Convention Center.
Poor Hero Hagan.
Also see the comments that irritated Hero Hagan reported here on RealNEO:
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  All too often our political representatives act like cornered dogs, when asked legitimate questions about why certain decisions are being made and whether those decisions ultimately benefit the community.  Time and time again, Tim Hagan trots out this puffed-up, self-righteous drama.  No one is buying it any more. 

I find that very few of our local representatives are able to convey any real conviction for the benefit and welfare of our community.  Tonight, I attended the Town Hall meeting at Estabrook Recreation Center on the border of the current wards 15 and 16.  Mayor Jackson spoke to residents and I found him to be engaging and as frank as his name.  I was given a chance to speak at the microphone and he did not turn on me with my comments and questions, my skepticism, regarding the council redistricting and demolitions in my neighborhood.

I don't have complete confidence in the people Mayor Jackson has surrounded himself with and I don't know how much he ultimately controls what I find to be a fractious and largely self-serving bunch of council folks, but at least last night, he was able to give me some assurance that he was not out for himself.  I wish that Mayor Jackson was able to give more people confidence that he is a good person, that he does really care about our concerns. 

Mayor Jackson refered me to Chris Warren, who did privately sit down with me last night and did listen and try to answer some of my questions.  Chris Warren asked me, "What do we do?"   I asked Mayor Jackson to start by applying the city residency requirements to the CDCs.  We need representation by people who intend to stay in our community.  I also said to Chris Warren that we need to get rid of a lot of bad representation...and that needs to start at the county level.