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Roger Stone, a Republican PR hit man, took quite a shot at Pee Dee editor Susan Goldberg, on the Issue 3 coverage: “PD Editor Pimps for Casino Gambling.”


She claims “to be an objective and principled journalist but her actions during Ohio’s recent campaign over casino gaming demonstrates that she is neither,” writes Stone in his blog “StoneZone.”


He was a hired gun against Issue 3.


He also calls Dan Gilbert a “nouveau rich loud mouth.” Pithy stuff.


You can read how Goldberg distorted a poll, giving Issue 3 some needed boosting. It worked.


The full posting can be found here: http://stonezone.com/article.php?id=286


As I’ve said before, the Pee Dee allowed editorializing to spread across its front news page on Issue 3 and, of course, on Issue 6.


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How do we bring PD to justice?

This article brings up issues not revealed before - especially personal friendships between Gilbert and Goldberg - that should have been disclosed.

And I completely agree about the University of Cincinnati pole - what a load of crap, spammed by the PD upon citizens of Northeast Ohio. The PD is becoming toxic waste - I don't even want to touch it or go to Cleveland.com any more.

We need to take a good look at the actual journalists who wrote the dishonest articles - this requires an isolation of people responsible. I want to know if I am reading a writer in the future who wrote the lies that brought us casinos - these people individually are never to be trusted about anything again.

I'll work on this.

The University needs to speak up about the poor use of their resource - that is the exact type of illegal and/or unethical university behavior I see happening all over Northeast Ohio and the lying and corruption needs to stop. The President of U of Cin needs to be called out on this.

Roldo, who may we contact with government to file true legal complaints against the Plain Dealer and other newspapers in Ohio, and the University of Cincinnati, for collusion on Issue 3? What charges may we bring?

Seems a job for the AG - is the AG in Ohio honest?

Perhaps Cuomo may help?

Disrupt IT

Reginald Fields is voice of Gilbert/Goldberg... and now...

Big surprise - shocking news - PD coudn't have known... Gilbert and Penn get a casino partner: a one-time foe

This is the type of exciting business news to expect from the Casino folks and their local sponsors, including Goldberg and PD spammer for Issue 3 Reginald Fields, who are most personally responsible for gambling coming to Cleveland - Reginald wrote that great story about the corrupt use of the incompetent University of Cincinnati poll referenced by Stone.... leading to:

Schippers insists that a deal with Berman wasn't struck until a week before the election when Berman approached Penn and Gilbert. "Lakes came in very late, in the final days of the campaign," Schippers said, adding that Berman did not have any say over the campaign.

He said the campaign's comments about Berman not being involved were true at the time reporters asked the questions. Kulczycki, Gilbert's spokeswoman, also said Lakes reached a late agreement and that the Issue 3 campaign had not misled voters.

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