Submitted by Roldo on Thu, 09/04/2008 - 13:49.

I noticed that the film industry now wants some significant subsidies to locate film work in Cleveland and that Gov. Ted Strickland’s administration wants to accommodate these desires.

(By the way, the County Arts & Culture tax has produced $12.7 million this year and $29.8 million since Feb. 2007. Shouldn’t there be enough there for any real film needs?)

So I too want a subsidy, not for taking pictures, but for living here in Ohio. I believe I am deserving, after all I’ve been doing work for little or nothing to educate residents for many years.

I’d like the Governor to establish a program that would give me say $75 a week. A lot less that the Hollywood people want.

In return, I’ll remain in Ohio. I will spend my Social Security check each month here. I will in addition spend down my meager savings here each week.

I’ll support grocers and restaurateurs – because I enjoy eating – and I’ll patronize many retail shopping stores with my business.

I’ll even spend the $75 a week and I won’t save it. Thinks of the multiplyer effect.

I’ll ask someone like Fred Nance to advise me on how many jobs this will produce so Gov. Strickland can go to the legislature and sell my program of economic development.

How important is this to the economy of Ohio? Very important, I’d say.
To me, it’s just a way to help the Ohio economy, say as Sam Miller helps by selling that cliff over the Cuyahoga to the County to help us spend a $1-billion for a convention center. And as with Sam, I won’t charge any air rights above me, either.

Now if some other folks who are leaving Cuyahoga County and Ohio would join in I think this could be the saving of our state – give money to get money, just as the film makers desire from the taxpayers.

Contact me as soon as possible Governor, please, before I pack.

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I read this and was searching for a word to describe it, and "sarcystical" popped out. Perhaps the elements are sarcastic, mystical, and cynical. I really just don't know; it was a gift, which I hereby share.

If I were agreeing to submit to working with Fred Nance on the numbers, I'd definitely ask for more, way more, exponentially more; you're going to have to retrain him; with the math and the money, he's not really dealing from a position of strength.

Iggy failed, it seems.


I noticed today that the

I noticed today that the Dayton Daily News reported that a company got a $62,510 tax credit for investing $250,000 in itself. It was part of $925,000 give by the Ohio Department of Development and $95.6 million of such subsidies since 1996 for small tech companies.

I'm small. I want my $75 a week. Where is it?

You obviously have not

You obviously have not cultivated the right friends.

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