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Medical care for 30 million people who do not have medical care now.


30,000,000. That’s one more than 29,999,999.


What do those who want to kill the health bill because it doesn’t go far enough say to these 30,000,000 Americans? Wait longer?


Not good enough for me because I have mine and I want you to have better health care? So wait longer.


If you don’t have health care, how do you get better health care from a bill killed by those who can’t see the benefit for the 30,000,000?


Wait 10 years and we might have something better for you?


Who is so politically pure that they can tell others to wait for perfection.


Wait for heaven. You’ll have it ALL then. Actually, no need for health care anymore.


Until then, hold on. Or take two aspirin and call us in 10 years.


Here’s the good and the bad and why the-not-so-good will have to be good enough for now:




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Healthcare Reform passes

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