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Our two-faced hypocrite Sen. George Voinovich has been caught revealing his true nature.

It was exposed in a short two-paragraph article in the latest Scene Magazine. So why not show it all:
“Last week, Sen. George Voinovich, self-described ‘debt hawk,’ voted against the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Resolution. In a statement he said, ‘I want Americans to know the facts. This budget doubles the already $9.85 trillion debt in five years and triples it in 10 years, continuing huge deficits beyond this administration.’ (My note: Didn’t he and his fellow Republicans put us in this sad state of affairs?)
“Fair enough – at least it’s a principled stand, right? But the same day, Voinovich voted for an estate-tax cut benefitting those worth more than $7 million. The cut would add $250 billion to the national debt – Frank Lewis.”
Voinovich has gone through an entire career benefitting the rich. Indeed, he said himself – when challenged about accepting so much campaign money from the wealth sources he’s always represented – “I love fat cats.”
He’s treated the Fat Cats well for a long, long time. They treated him just as well. You can read it – pretty much since 1967 - in the Plain Dealer.
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Hypocrites and fat cats

  Interesting to reread this post...I have my own take on the big hypocrites in this town...but we won't go there.