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The Cuyahoga County Public Library system’s threat to close libraries on Sunday - which they say is its busiest day – makes no sense at all.


Except as a threat. It’s poor decision-making to threaten a public that provides libraries with generous funding.


Yes, cuts likely have to be made if state funding is sharply cut.


But you don’t say to the public – We’re going to cut you where it hurts you the most.


This, I suggest, is a public relation disaster in the making.


It would be hard to find people who are anti-library or would want to see their libraries hurt.


This kind of thinking, however, tests people’s goodwill.


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Over time costs

  Hi Roldo--Sunday hours are a big expenditure.  CCPL will not close all of their branches on Sundays.  It's a trade-off that CPL will also have to look at.  I am not sure that there are easy answers and it also involves union negotiations. 

Not Exactly

Sundays are the most cost effective days to close:

1. It's the busiest day because they're only open 4 hours.  They are probably seeing the same numbers in those 4 hours as they do 8, so it's just as busy as most 12 hour days.   

2. It costs just as much to operate a building for 4 hours as it does 8 or 12, so they save just as much by cutting 4 hours.

3. By cutting Sundays, they're only cutting 4 hours per week for their customers, yet the savings of keeping buildings closed is the same as for an 8 or 12 hour day!!!

4. Union staff gets paid time and 1/2 for those 4 hours because it's in addition to their regular work week hours.  This is a huge expenditure.

5. They will still keep 7 branches open, which will likely be dispersed in very convenient (and busy) locations throughout the county. 

6. Why wouldn't they want their customers to see the effects of the government's cuts?  This is why it's worded the way it is.  In reality, it's a smart move and a smart money saver. 

Good points.

Good points.

Library Press Release

No Sunday paper??

  PD barely publishes on weekends...anyway...

rock, scissors...paper???