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He’s slipping. But Public Enemy No. 1’s portrait still makes the front page of the Plain Dealer this morning.


If you notice today’s paper County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora’s photo has slipped at least partially below the fold of Page One.


Jimmy, you’re losing face.


Every Thursday when the County Commission meets the PD gets its jollies because it can paste on its front page the fat face of the County Commissioner who is an unindicted technically but oh, so indicted by the court filings.


Meanwhile, Commissioners Tim Hagan and Peter Lawson Jones decide to punt on County Reform. Whenever politicians want to appoint a commission or committee to “study” an issue you know that the plan is to delay as a strategy to possibly avoid.


Both the Commissioners and Establishment plans don’t solve the problems of the County.  Electing 11 more officials has to be a road to more patronage, one of the major problems at 1219 Ontario.


Has anyone seen the plans for a medical mart and convention center while this circus goes round and round?






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its a good diversion

while we're all centered on dimora...the project doesn't have to get scrutinized. Guess its going to go off without a hitch.

DAS construction

It sure takes a long time to reel in the big smelly fish around here.  DAS signs are everywhere.   I rode my bike down Lakeside and Hamilton yesterday on my way to visit the studio home of a favorite artist, James March.  I was amazed to see the "new" FBI headquarters.  Wish I had my camera.  Who got the contract for that project?  Not that I don't appreciate the much needed house cleaning here in NEO, but why the prime real estate for the FBI? 

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I did enjoy the scenery on my leisurely bike ride along the empty streets off Lakeside and Hamilton.  It felt like the set for a science-fiction movie.  Surreal.