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Memo to Susan Goldberg, Pee Dee editor: Stop making the news and start reporting it.


Today it was “economic development” again as the Pee Dee attributed nonsensical advantages to Issue 6, which, of course, the Pee Dee strongly backs. It’s a supposed County reform issue that has too many holes in it. Big holes.


Eliminating elective functioning offices – sheriff, treasurer, recorder, and auditor - except the County Prosecutor is an invitation to a king-maker position for Bill Mason, present prosecutor and prime mover of Issue 6. Mason doesn’t deserve the promotion.


It just doesn’t make sense. It isn’t reform. It’s merely change. Not good enough.


Also, will Ms. Goldberg please announced what the final vote total of the Pee Dee editorial board on endorsing Issue 3 favoring monopoly casinos? Let’s have a little of that transparency editors are always talk about. Because I can’t see how the editorial board – knowing its make-up – voted for a monopoly casino issue. I was told the vote was “close.”


I believe Goldberg pulled a Machaskee. If you remember the Pee Dee couldn’t come up with a Presidential endorsement because the board wanted John Kerry but then Publisher Alex Machaskee wanted George Bush. In that contest, nobody won but the Pee Dee lost as it was revealed publicly - and embarrassingly - that the Pee Dee would endorse no one. One publisher trumps the voting board.

So I suspect that Goldberg also trumped the staff.


Anyway, today the Pee Dee gives a major Page One headline for a story that tries to suggest that voting for Issue 6 means you are voting for economic development. Please! There is no substantive evidence that this is true or even near true.


It does, however, give Issue 6 another push. That’s the purpose.


I’m not for either Issue 5 – a dodge engineered by Democrats and Labor – or Issue 6, a choice that EXPANDS not reforms Cuyahoga County government by giving us 11 County Commissioners. Oh, I know they aren’t called Commissioners. But that’s what they’ll think they are.


It is a measure that will end up dividing the county into fiefdoms. That’s something we just don’t need. Can you imagine more than one pompous Tim Hagan?


So remember if you vote YES on 6, no matter what you do with 5, you’re still going to get 11. Eleven new politicians to support. And that’s the truth.








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One big problem with the current Commissioners is that there are exactly three of them. Three is such a wrong number.

One County Executive would be a symbol and a target--and like the Mayor of Cleveland there is a chance of holding that person accountable every election cycle. The three Commissioners, as we've seen, take turns being the Good Guy in all those 2-1 votes that we all know are foregone conclusions, and nobody's really accountable.

Eleven Council members are enough to make not-too-large electoral districts, but few enough to have some visibility and stature.

Roldo, I don't see how electing officials like the Coroner and Engineer was ever anything but silly. Do voters really know or care about a doctor's qualifications to perform autopsies? It's weird. Those should be appointed offices.

And how does it work that the Executive and Council choosing these offices somehow puts them in the hands of the Prosecutor? I don't get your meaning. But I would like some way to ensure that the Prosecutor has no ties of politics or friendship with the Executive, because, hey, I want that person to investigate corruption, not ignore it. (Call me crazy.)

You're right about the "economic development" issue though. I don't think the power people here have ever used the term in any meaningful way. At best, Issue 6 offers a shot at a system that doesn't breed corruption by its very structure, as our current system does.

Final vote of the Plan Dealer editorial board on Issue 3?

Good point and question Roldo - I'd like to see "the final vote total of the Pee Dee editorial board on endorsing Issue 3 favoring monopoly casinos" as I'd rather not consider all the editors of the PD mindless tools of the GCP, or worse, as I hope a few have hearts and souls.

I still consider them all political cowards, because of their Bush-league decisions of the past, and their support of issue 3 adds to the bad impression.

The PD support of Issue 6 is even more corrupt and incompetent, but less harmful, as we can fix the mess caused by Issue 6 - if Issue 3 passes Ohio and especially Northeast Ohio are screwed forever.

Disrupt IT

transparent PD

And this from a newspaper whose editor's picks for today is headlined "Bread and circuses: Editors' Picks for Tuesday from The PD"

Bread and Circuses?!? Way to come clean with your mission Ms. Goldberg. Boy oh boy - the ruse has become so thick that even the folks who perpetrate it start to put it out there for all to see. "Watch this - they probably don't even get it", says the headline writer.

"Bread and circuses" (or Bread and games) (from Latin: panem et circenses) is a metaphor for handouts and petty amusements that politicians use to gain popular support, instead of gaining it through sound policy. The phrase is invoked not only to criticize politicians, but also to criticize their supporters for giving up their civic duty.

… Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses (Juvenal, Satire 10.77–81)

And for a newspaper that recently lamented the trash talking and cheap shots in which commenters to engage (Plain Dealer wants comments -- without the side order of bile), they offer this: "And because Cleveland is on the receiving end of a Niagara of trash talk, John Campanelli squirts off a few cheap shots at Pittsburgh: Facts (and cheap shots) about Pittsburgh from a Cleveland Browns fan"

Memo to Ms. Goldberg - your slip is showing and it's Freudian. As to the bile, might we say, "you reap what you sow"? I could do without the side order of condescension. Or is it just stupidity or is it the PD coming clean as they realize that circuses, be they putting money in the pockets of sports team owners or politicians are the only circuses they have to cover.

To the "Bridge Guy:"  I

To the "Bridge Guy:"  I agree that some county offices should not be elected. I think the recorder, auditor and treasurer certainly should be consolidated.

On the coroner, I'd like it to be an elected office at this point. However, you are right most people today don't know much about the coroner.

But anyone who has the power to determine whether someone has been murdered or not or under what circumstances that determination is made is in a very important position. I want it elective and I'd like more attention paid to that office by the press.

Coroner and Treasurer

  Roldo, I am a bit surprised...why would we want the coroner elected?  I want some one with the very least the treasurer should be a CPA...both positions should be appointed to persons with the appropriate credentials and there should be accountability built into the positions.  As it stands now.. we have nothing... 

And, no one cares to discover the truth about Rosemary Vinci...the poor woman was murdered. 

I am for issue 3 because our

I am for issue 3 because our economy is in the pits and jobs are sorely needed.  And since Dan Gilbert was successful with the Cavs and other ventures that he finances why would he not also be successful with the casino?  I could be wrong and I am willing to listen to the opposing view but so far I am in support of issue 3.

I am opposed to both issue 5 and issue 6.  There is no need for a study to find out what is wrong with our current form of county government...the investigation will weed out the corrupt people.  Also now is not the time to change the entire system.  Let the investigation get rid of the dirt and then see how things change before changing the system.  I think of it as remodeling a home without cleaning it first.  Makes no sense.  Clean it up first and then see what changes need to be made.

Also I am opposed to any more 'appointed' jobs.  We already have too many family and friends of powerful politicians taking too many of the well paid government jobs.  I would rather vote for the person that gets these jobs so they will be accountable to the people, not the person that appoints them. 

Just my two cents.

sorry about that ward 14 resident

 Issue 3 is being shoved down out throats and it probably will pass because our city and state are desperate. It will create more minimum wage jobs, and since it is the hospitality industry, they can pay below minimum wages because tips are expected. Here is the summary from the 10 year review from New Jersey regarding Atlantic City:


SUMMARY: Since the size of the hospitality industry in Atlantic County is large, it presents formidable competition for other industries with comparable labor needs.  The advantage is that the existence of low-skill, entry-level jobs allows people with little training to enter the job market, learn basic work skills, and be exposed to other opportunities.  In many cases, these lead to the acquisition of more training and advancement. However, the hospitality industry itself presents limited opportunities for significant career ladders.  The limited number of managerial and technical jobs creates these limits.  In the case of Atlantic County, this is of greater consequence since the industry is the dominant one.  The need to diversify the economy in order to create a wider spectrum of employment opportunities and higher incomes is apparent.  The question which remains is whether the hospitality industry can spawn and foster other industries which provide these opportunities. 

For the complete review, go to:

Do we need more entry level jobs that people can work at for years upon years because the casinos dominate once in place. Do you want this for your grandchildren? There may not be a place up for them if this passes, this will be IT.


asking for trouble, Ward14R

 Ward14R - handing over a gambling monopoly to ONE person (in fact it would be written into our constitution that he and only he can own a casino in our city) is asking for trouble. 

Yes, Mr. Gilbert was "successful", but think exactly what that means in today's times - the honest and altruistic do not succeed in our economic pit - the greedy and dishonest do. Once Gilbert has that golden law in his hands - can we trust him?

If that is too much of a leap in logic - ask yourself a simple question - why don't they just pass a law allowing gambling - why does it have to grant a monopoly to one guy?

and excuse my sloppy use of words, issue 3 is actually a constitutional amendment, not a law, and puts the making of law in the hands of special interest groups.

Dwebb, I am not in favor of

Dwebb, I am not in favor of keeping anyone in a low paying job.  I fought with my own brothers, sisters, and nieces and nephews because I favored the increase in minimum wage.  But, why would someone have to work in the casino business forever?  It could be an opportunity for someone to work their way through college, couldn't it.  My first full time job was a minimum wage job, in 1966.  I was happy there was a job available because my husband decided to go to college and needed me to help him support our family...we had 4 young children at the time.  When I was in high school I worked at a local restaurant a few hours a day for $10 a week.  I was also happy to have that job.  I actually shared the money I earned with my family...there were 13 of us...mother, father (unemployed and with a disability) and 11 children.  Sometimes any job will help a desperate family survive.  My parents lived off the generosity of my father's father (he owned a grocery store on St. Clair Avenue and had rooms upstairs that we lived in for and shelter at no cost), and hand me downs and other 'donations' from my mother's and father's family.  As we all grew up we were able to find jobs and go to college and eventually some of us got good paying jobs.  But, we all started out with low paying jobs and we were glad they were available.  Doesn't this generation deserve the same opportunity?  No jobs = no pay.

Would I like to see better paying jobs?  Of course I would, but I don't see that happening.  Isn't something better than nothing?  I think it is.