When fighting back drives you mad...

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 09/12/2010 - 21:32.

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I met a man near Logan Airport, in Boston, Massachusetts, who is the last resident of Neptune Road.  

I met him completely by accident.  He's 83.

I had heard an NPR program on Michael Philip Manheim's photographic recording of the Logan Airport Expansion, and I went by to see what I could see.

Every day I bump into stories like this. Where I get off course.  

There is a pedestrian bridge over the rail road tracks which hasn't been cleaned since it was built at the time of the Logan expansion in 1973. 

Broken bottles from the drinking. Glass. Bottles, beer tabs, beer caps, condums -

and syringes.

And the last resident came out of his three decker.

I couldn't hear him because of the 747 blasting off overhead.

Frederic Law Olmstead had designed the Neptune Road island park just off shore...gone now.

I thought I was recording the interview, but I forgot to turn my camera on.

What a waste.


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