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Joe Cimperman started his campaign to be the first Cuyahoga County Executive today. If you don’t think so, you don’t know the ambitious Joe Cimperman.


Cimperman at a meeting with MMPI’s Mark Falanga a week ago asked Falanga if he would commit to having four meeting on the Medical Mart and Convention Center. Cimperman asked at a Council meeting. It appeared to me that he meant Falanga would appear before Council for more questioning. Of course, Falanga – holding on to a deal valued at $425 million – said, why sure, Mr. Councilman.


It was a mutual admiration society.


Anyone listening would have considered the offer and acceptance meant a meeting before City Council members. It was at such a meeting that the two exchanged agreement. And it made some sense since Falanga had determined the shortness of the meeting by scheduling an early flight back to Chicago.



Now, however, the scheduling of the four meetings appears to be outside the boundaries of City Council.  The structure of four meetings has one each on planning, economic impact, architecture and the Mall site. Each meeting will have an already chosen facilitator, none Council members.


So Council is left OUT. Cimperman’s campaign, however, is indeed very much IN.


Cimperman has four meeting in which Cimperman can play the leading part. Council has been iced out.


The County Executive job opening was created by the vote for Issue 6, a constitutional amendment that calls for Cuyahoga County to dump its three commissioners for an elected chief and 11-member elected district county council.


Cimperman came to Council in 1997 playing a young sincere activist with energy to make change. He quickly became a young man on the make, taking as much money as he could from downtown movers and shakers.


“This project has to move forward. It’s too critical for the region, for the economy. We just gotta put our heads down and get this thing done,” Cimperman told the Plain Dealer.


And I need a platform from which to run for higher office, something I’ve always wanted. Cimperman didn’t have to utter those words.


You may remember that Cimperman’s ambitions caused him to run against the sitting Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich in 2007. Cimperman got some 35 percent of the vote in the 10th Congressional District race. Kucinich got 52 percent.


Cimperman would like to be Mayor but that seems out of the question. He likely would have run for County Commissioner had Issue 6 failed. Now, he’s left with the one opening.


So Cimperman is about to scratch that ambition itch again. Never too early to start. The $175,000 position begins in January 2011. Here we go!






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Chimperman  said "We KNOW it's all smoke and mirrors." when I asked him about the state of the talks between the private parcel owners and MMPI.

Mr. Cimperman's BBQ smoke

This is the question: what about your second floor never used just stored there BBQ with the propane bottle hooked up. I have but Joe talked about the FBI investigation and possible crazies but I never got a straight answer.  Nor from my emails either.

Ask Mr. Joe about that please.

And, btw, Frank's got a few unanswered questions too...

Cimperman up in smoke


Submitted by Jeff Buster on December 24, 2008 - 10:49pm.

In the weeks and months that have passed since  Councilman Cimperman’s porch fire on July 28, 2008, ,,,,,,,





Pick your game piece

 Kucinich will make sure that it never happens ....If the corruption probe stops today...then, Cimperman will most likely have to console himself with Rep. Mike Skindell's Ohio House seat...I am so tired of this game...I would like to put my money on PLJ--who is the banker in this Monopoly game ?

lets not cut it short

 lets take the corruption probe to the bitter end - and take Simpleton down with it...

we should always pay attention to beginnings - Simpleton ran on a "working man's " platform to get into council and the first thing he did was propose a hefty pay raise....

nice call, Roldo

good joe cimperman was aganist pay raise before he was for it

 good joe cimperman was aganist pay raise before he was for it

yogi and guy

It's a fact - the Councilman

It's a fact - the Councilman works for less that the Executive Director of TWDC.

Where is Councilman Cummins?

Councilman Cummins told us he would keep us informed here on RealNeo if he heard any more news about the status of the noise barrier walls on I 71.  There is something going on on the access ramp behind my home as a large machine was out there earlier this week and there are green markings on the road that look like a cross and a line, don't know what they mean though.  Also, from the looks of the grassy area between the fence and the road the machine was doing a little digging.   Are we getting the noise barriers?  Or are we getting the greenery? 

cummins and noise

W14R, Joe Santiago is still the council person there. You won't find him anymore responsive then Cummins, but keep asking. After a while, you will get an answer one way or another. If there isn't room for dense foliage, I hope that you do get the barriers. There are mixed barriers and foliage in other areas so it should be possible for residents like you that don't have the space for several feet of plantings. I saw transparent glass barriers earlier this week. It was a pleasant surprise.

Actually Brian Cummins is

Actually Brian Cummins is the councilman for this area now, until the new councilman take over in Janurary.  The area is in what is now Ward 15, but will soon be part of Ward 14.

Also, I am wondering, if the vote on the garbage fee is going to take place before January, won't the old councilman be voting on it?  Does that mean that all 21 councilman will have a vote?

And speaking of garbage, I have to say that the garbage men in my area are very good workers, and they are considerate too, which means a lot to me.  Today I had to run a bag out while they were picking up the garbage and one of the workers took his time to get the bag I was carrying so it could be disposed. I appreciated that extra effort. 




We just gotta put our heads down and get this thing done,” Cimperman told the Plain Dealer.



No, you should be "heads up" and while your heads are up, quit looking the other way. 

Cimperman MMPI backroom payback

kicking off county ex campaign?

 The campaign site says updated website coming soon. then comes this from the peeps for joe. 

From: "The People For Joe Cimperman " <reelectjoe [at] gmail [dot] com">reelectjoe@gmail. com>

Date: March 5, 2010 

Subject: The Winter Thaw Party!


The Winter Thaw Party!

Upstairs @ Lava Lounge

Friday, March 12, 2010

6pm to midnight

Want to have a good time AND support the Tremont Farmers’ Market?

Break the ice and break bread with your friendly market folks to help usher in Spring!

Ricardo Sandoval and Lava Lounge are teaming up with TFM to create a 
fantastic fun evening, and the proceeds go directly toward funding the market.

Tickets can be purchased through Joel at TWDC 216-575-0920, $25 in 
advance, $30 at the door, All proceeds will go directly toward market 
expenses. Entrance includes two drinks and food provided by Ricardo Sandoval.

For more info about the Tremont Farmers’ Market, visit our website: www.tremontfarmersm
  or contact Jody Lathwell, tremontmarket@, 216-403-9436 


Paid for by The People For Joe Cimperman



PO Box 91688

Cleveland, OH 44101




rEAlly now??? Cimperman supports breaking the law????

 Its my memory that the occupancy for that room at Lava Lounge is only around 30ish? Doesn't TWDC know this?

does that mean the most they can bring in is like 900 bucks? not much...

oh, but then its a great opportunity for Simpleton to rake in those campaign donations - right???

I wonder if Clev Fire Dept will donate?

nice to see Joe supporting

the farmers market and families getting safe and fresh foods in ohio city and tremont.

thanks Joe!!!


nice to see Joe supporting

HIMSELF! A campaign committee hosting a fundraiser and tickets sold out of a tax exempt cdc ?? gimme a break. joe joe he's our man, he will corrupt if anyone can.

nice to see Joe supporting

 >>Want to have a good time AND support the Tremont Farmers’ Market?

. . . 

Ricardo Sandoval and Lava Lounge are teaming up with TFM to create a  
fantastic fun evening, and the proceeds go directly toward funding the market.<<

regardless of the political spin, which is everywhere there are humans, was it inaccurate to believe that the proceeds are going to the TFM and somehow this was an event, in part to support that effort?







joe is his own biggest fan

 who knows, bj? it is a pure event, pure heart and like joe made sure that giglio was not in danger by tearing his house down to keep him safe so he will keep the attendance at 30 or less at all times to keep you all safe. enjoy!!!!!!!!

thanks for the reassurance