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Rich people HATE to pay taxes. They pinch pennies. The squeeze real hard.



If you don’t believe me, this information will convince you. Or nothing will.


Here are some of the richest people in Cleveland worried about paying taxes on $17 more of what they consider an unfair tax valuation of their property. Unbelievable. But so believable if you know them.


Now remember, this isn’t $17 more in taxes. It’s the property tax on $17. In other words, it’s pennies.


A “complaint against the valuation of real property” by the Tower City gang has requested of the County Board of Revision. The filing by a law firm for Tower City wants a decrease in the value of a parcel of vacant land at Tower City of $17.00.


Yes, that’s $17, not $17 million or $17 hundred or $17 thousand. Just $17 dollars.


Sam Miller and the Ratner family – owners of Tower City - want the reduction of the taxes on “commercial vacant land” now valued at $64 market value. The tax would be on 35 percent of that or a “current taxable value of $40,” the request reads.


They say that the County is valuing their property at too high a rate!


Tower City properties are split into numerous parcels on a number of levels because of where the Terminal Tower was built.


The complaint was made on March 21, 2009. No ruling has been issued.


“The requested change in value is justified for the following reasons: Recent sale(s) of comparable properties. Physical, economic, functional depreciation or obsolescence. Economic valuation based on gross or net income.” That’s what is claimed.


However, a portion of the document, according to a County official, that must be completed was left blank.

You can find the property’s records by going to the Cuyahoga County Auditor’s listings of property. The parcel number is 040-28-008. The search page can be found here:


Don’t allow anyone to tell you that little things don’t matter. They do. Some people know that and play the game to the hilt.


Sam & the Ratners. Our 2009 “Cheapskates of Cuyahoga County”.


Don’t tell them that the County’s in financial trouble. It ain’t their problem. It’s yours.


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parcel number

 When I copy & paste, or type it in, there aren't any hits. Maybe it is me, or maybe Roldo's power irritates the powers that be and there is no longer any such parcel. 

They pay taxes, the Ritz

They pay taxes, the Ritz pays at least $121K a year, he pays 8K on a home in Gates Mills a year. They are paying taxes on other parcels as well, searching on just the word ‘tower’ bring up several parcels that are taxed. Some of them are on odd things like triangular air right or stairs or a section of ground near the street. These all have small taxes as in only a few dollars. But they are based on actual criteria that may be run through a commuter program? I really doubt a person would bother to take the time to submit such small discrepancy unless it is done automatically through a process.

Looking at that building and the work that went into it over the past few years, cheap does not come to mind.

There are problem in the method used to record taxes on real property, they are subjective and vary, subject to corruption. The data is open to the public but not to query beyond the simplest of methods. But the people that administrate it have that ability. They can search an identify way beyond what we can and that can be used in ways that are not legitimate and not in the best interest of the greater community. Who pays what is not carved in stone it can be adjusted and it can favor some.

Total value of all parcels and then the totally taxes paid would be a good comparison, that being as a cumulative rate overall. Should the largest holder pay the most? I do not think it should be that simple. It to me is more about other variables. The total amount of capital cycled through a parcel. The people employed as well, the taxes they pay related as secondary but still relative.

Money in is only half of it, the other half is money out. Is it being spent wisely and efficiently used?

What’s the criteria for power? Is it all seeing, is it totally awareness and total accountability? It is not related to the ability to manipulate and contort, though some may think it is and other are their legions.

Mr. Corporate "Oengus"

Mr. Corporate "Oengus" Apologist: The Ritz Hotel has had a long - I believe 20 years without going back to check -  tax abatement. It also received millions of dollars in interest-free loans not payable for 20 years out. Like having free money.

Yes, taxes have been paid on the Ritz-Carlton land but not on the luxury hotel structure.


And my heart goes out to the guy who has to pay taxes on his Gates Mills home. It must be tough.

I think most of us pay property taxes on BOTH our homes or our businesses and the land upon which they sits.

You continue to obfuscate in the most petty manner.