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They didn’t have to do it that way, did they?

Editorial people from two newspapers sent e-mails to me about how layoffs were handled at their newspapers.
It differed from how the Plain Dealer handled its exit for loyal employees.

In both case layoffs, they said, it was done by seniority. (Somehow the newspaper guild at the Plain Dealer gave away its seniority rights.)

“When the last day came for each departee there was always a little gathering in the newsroom, some gifts, talk of better times. And they walked out to the applause from those left behind,” wrote one.

If you’ll remember, ALL Plain Dealer editorial employees – knowing that 27 of them would not return – were told to remain at home. If they did not get a telephone call by 9:30 a.m. they were to report to work at their respective times. They were the saved ones.

“I can’t imagine how much harder it would be not knowing and waiting two-and-a-half hours for a damn phone call,” one writer wrote.

At another newspaper, it was described similarly. It was done by seniority. “No security. No secrecy. We even bought cakes and coffee for (the) last night sendoff.”

Publisher Terry Egger and Editor Susan Goldberg choose another way that was demeaning and morale-breaking.

I asked one reporter facetiously whether anyone had asked Goldberg how much her bonus would be this year. She dumped a lot of costs for the company.

I do, however, wonder what Egger and Goldberg will take home in bonuses this year for their work in cutting the PD staff about in half.

I know what we subscribers get: Even less than the meager allotment of real news than before.

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No Conscience

  Some people obviously have no conscience.  Will the Plain Dealer be in any position to go to Washington and plead for all of America to save Cleveland and our hospitals and other major employers?   Dear doctors, attorneys, real estate mogols, safety personnel, politicians and corporate execs. Wake up.  Your paper will not be able to save NEO. 

It's time we looked at ourselves, checked our conscience and went about the business of fixing our communities by rebuilding our neighborhoods from the center on out.  Your massive cars will not save you from economic ruin.  Ask Detroit.



what's missing in PD upper crust?

I can think of a few things, but one jumps out to me - that's class - defined informally as "elegance, grace, or dignity as regards behavior".