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How disgusting and vile are the charges from Sen. George Voinovich that Sen. Barack Obama is a “Socialist.” It tells me that Voinovich would be a staunch McCarthyism advocate if this were the 1950s. What's so ironic and laughable is the Voinovich record of being a Socialist mayor to the Rich of Cleveland. His record is replete with massive give-aways to Cleveland corporate interest. It isn’t for nothing that he once bragged to the New York Times that he loved “Fat Cats,” meaning wealthy corporate types. Voinovich said the other day, “He’s left of Teddy Kennedy. With all due respect the man is a Socialist.” He was speaking of Barack Obama. With very little respect, Sen. Voinovich, you have been the benefactor to just about every rich corporate moocher in Cleveland. Wasn’t it you as Mayor of Cleveland that gave Dick Jacobs access the 530-acres of Cleveland-owned land in Chagrin Highland? Wasn’t it you as Governor of Ohio that gave $138-million to give Jacobs’s Chagrin Highland total access to I-271? Wasn’t it your old law firm that was intimately involved in the Chagrin Highland robbery? Wasn’t it you as mayor who gave $3.5-million in a low-interest, 20 year loan to Jacobs at the Galleria? Wasn’t it you as mayor who gave $10-million to Jacobs in interest free loans and 20-year free taxes to Jacobs at the Marriott and Key Center buildings? What do you call these give-aways? I call them socialism for the rich. Wasn’t it you who gave the Ritz Carlton a 20-year tax free ride along with a $10 million no interest loans for 20 years? That was a gift to Sam Miller & the Ratners who also got tens of millions for Tower City from Voinovich. What do you call that? Capitalism? Wasn’t it you that supported the hundreds of millions of tax dollars that went into Gateway for Dick Jacobs and the billionaire Gund Brothers, George and Gordon? This is just off the top of my head. There were many other gifts you bestowed on your fellow elites during terms as mayor, governor and senator. Christ, Senator, do you have any honesty left? When President Ronald Reagan cutback on social programs, Mayor Voinovich as mayor decided he had to help poor people of Cleveland. Did he setup programs to give them money? Hell, no. Voinovich asked his city employees to bring in cans of food. You know, bring in cans of beans and corn. Before he distributed the closet full of goods he had gathered from his employees, did he immediately distribute the food to the poor? Hell, no. He called in every news source – TV, radio, newspapers – to City Hall, called in some religious leaders and held a press conference. He didn’t do that to say he was giving millions of dollars in tax money to his rich buddies. So, in essence, he used the poor to burnish his reputation as a “good guy.” What a phony. George loves to see himself as a selfless, God-fearing good man. He’s not. He’s a hypocrite as shown by his statement about Obama. A Republican stooge who is willing to sink low with a Rove-like attack. If there’s anyone who should be retired, Voinovich is the man

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Post Memory

Roldo, Voinovich has quite a history of "getting emotional."  I remember him crying at a CDBG workshop held during his term, on the state house steps when his administration cut welfare benefits, and in a rare show of party opposition, at the Bolton appointment...I think that like a lot of Americans he is a troubled package suffering from Post-Memory Trauma. 

Do you like that diagnosis?  I picked it up from Junot Diaz, the author who presented at Cleveland Public Library this past Sunday.  We all need to confront our ghosts and move on. 



Ironically, a young, beautiful, mixed-European thing in the audience and daughter of my neighbor, a self-proclaimed Communist, spoke up and addressed the PMT spectre of Communism that hangs over this country and most everyone in America.  Voinovich knows that he can't call Obama a communist, but the button is pushed all the same with the word "socialism." 

Interesting comments Laura.

Interesting comments Laura. I've personally seen Voinovich tear up. And we've seen it on TV. He doesn't like being challenged on his goodness, which I believe, he takes as a given, despite some of the contrary evidence.

Obama's no socialist, and at 72 Voinovich should RETIRE

Born July 15, 1936, Voinovich began his political career in 1963. That means Voinovich has been paid by the public for over 45 years. Figuring his salaries and benefits have cost society like $10 million, in that time, he damn well better appreciate the generosity of socity.

At the overripe old age of what... 72+... isn't it about time he RETIRED and let someone three generations younger have a job?

I'm sure Voinovich has slush funds and is rich enough... he has VERY RICH FRIENDS he has made richer for nearly 5 decades!!!!!

Regarding his specific comments about Socialism... at 72, does Voinovich really even know what he says, from moment to moment and day to day?

I'm am so sick of these old farts like Voinovich, and McCain, who leave the world in such a wretched state... after LOOOOONG lifetimes of sucking the public tit to death... spewing off against young, real, positive change agents like Obama. 

Socialism is open to broad interpretations... but, by all standards and on all positions I've seen, Obama is far from a "Socialist". That his era of economic turmoil and failure will require citizens and government centralizing and better managing nearly everything about society, which is so screwed up, is hardly Obama's fault, nor makes him a socialist.

Obama needs to lead America and the world through very troubled times, without a map or historical references of value, when we need to completely reform healthcare, finance, environment, government... everything. 

In short, 72 year old senators of today's pathetic old America should retire, and not attack smart young leaders of hopeful future generations. 

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