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Finally, someone talks some sense about the duties of new Cuyahoga County Commissioners under the County reform – candidate Clark Broida. The task of the county government is services, not economic development, he says.


How about that, someone interested in the real tasks of government.


Here’s what Broida said to Henry Gomez of the Plain Dealer:


“Almost everyone says economic development. It drives me nuts. I just don’t think it’s the County’s overall role to create jobs – it’s to provide services. Our job is to provide an environment where the people have a better opportunity to achieve.”

Problem is that you have some greedy people looking out for their and their friends’ interests with the County taxes in mind.

Here’s Gomez’s piece:


Broida is right on the money as I see it. Government should be about doing its tasks and private business should provide for itself.


 However, the Cuyahoga County transition team says otherwise. The transition team talks about cutting county expenditures 15 percent. That would “save” some $50 million to be used, the team urges, for economic development. That’s every year! That’s a honey pot that the sharpies could not resist.


What that really means is that county taxpayers will be lining the pockets of developers and others with $50 million each year. This invites the same old people – the Ratners, the Jacobses, the Ferchills, the Gilberts – to have their way by corrupting our politics with their desires.  


It’s time that the vaunted private sector stopped sucking on the teat of government.


Especially when one of the people making decisions for this “economic development” fund is Joe Roman of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, front for greedy Cleveland corporate interests.


Here’s the article on the $50 million slush fund desired by the transition team.


This is a robbery you can stop before it takes place.





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and a sensible voice on medcon?

And a group analyzes the Medical Mart fiasco and comes out with something that spurs Hagan to get defensive: "I think there is some confusion with the assessment," Commissioner Tim Hagan said. Hey, maybe Tim was confused - you know all those numbers can be confusing.

Citizens group raises concerns about medical mart funding, Cuyahoga County finances

By Henry J. Gomez, The Plain Dealer February 25, 2010

Gomez links to the pdf report in his article. People in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County just keep trying six ways to Sunday to just say no to a bad idea, but ah... the promise of jobs (even if they are as wait staff and cab drivers and laundresses and bellhops) is just too alluring to stop this train wreck. Besides, Hagan and Jones will have moved on by the time accountability raises its ugly head. Dimora hopefully will be pressing the flesh at some white collar luxury prison.

It's not about economic development - that's priceless! A glimmer of hope. Thanks for this good news.

Meanwhile - we're advancing the business of remembering the forgotten triangle by continuing the new headquarters for CMHA at 80th and Kinsman. Really!?! And I thought we had forgotten about this triangle of land! CMHA doesn't need all the land they bought though, so the plan is to make a profit on the excess property. I wonder what Mr. Broida thinks about the opportunity corridor. Maybe some realneo folks can take a video camera and interview him. Wonder what role he thinks the port plays in the transition of Cleveland and the region. Will port board members now be selected by only two people - Mayor Frank and the new county executive or will council's play a part, too? Hmmmm... curiouser and curiouser.

How Cuyahoga County MUST HELP with ED

The county does not spend over $1 billion a year to keep citizens stationary or prevent their demise - the government should be smart enough to spend that money well.

Let's just look at workforce development spending - how much (real dollars) a year does the County spend trying to transfer useful skills to citizens so they may employ themselves. How much does the County spend training people for things corporations should spend their money training people to do - versus funding useful open skills training. How do we decide if this money is well spent (how much do we spend where)

Look at county technology spending - how much do we spend on proprietary software, overpriced lock-in hardware, and out-of-town consultants and corporations that all do everything wrong with IT... the County is spending too much, hurting local economic development, out of ignorance.

$1 billion spent right will guarantee economic development.

Our leaders just spend our money ALL WRONG!

I've certainly been keeping track of that.

Disrupt IT

How much did Cuyahoga County spend last year developing our FOSS

How much did Cuyahoga County spend last year developing our FOSS (free open source software)?

We have poor leadership of the regional IT sector - that responsibility was given up by the leadership here to OneCommunity nearly a decade ago, at great expense to the community (just in payroll). The community got little if anything in return - even direct OneCommunity stakeholders have suffered.

I can now get online wireless anywhere in Cuyahoga County for my $79 a month cellular service, in this day and age - no thanks to our leadership for access - can the other poor people in the county get online in any way shape or form that has been helped in any way ever by Cuyahogas County?

Not unless you are in all powerful Universiity Circle, and kiss the ass of the wizards of UCI

Yet, the county spends over $1 billion a year, that may transform the region for better.

Counties with good leadership around the world have been doing right things with IT for decades, and making remarkable progress transforming the quality of life of citizens, and the value of government... I am tracking the successses of others with innovative IT in COUNTY GOVERNMENT WORLDWIDE

Our leadership has kept this region in the stone ages - innovators must leave just to find innovative resources - the County leadership may change all of that.

Disrupt IT

We should get 3rd Frontier, CIL and Film Tax Credit Money

We should get 3rd Frontier, CIL and Film Tax Credit Money for ICEarth, and local economic development support.

That WE of the COOP don't have such support here proves how corrupt our IT leadership is in unreal NEO.

That costs the region $billions a year in wasted productiviey, lost effectiveness and unrealized economic development... as the PD and old economy still fail.

Disrupt IT


You are kidding about Broida being a sensible voice--right? I refer you to the Aesop's fable of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

And in a related matter--where are the defenders of the Polish community in Slavic Village?

your objections?

Help. I'm not sure what you mean. Just what in particular should one be referencing to understand how Broida's past acts make him a predator vying for his own extinction? He seems to have done a pretty good job managing microloans to small businesses and entreprenuers during the White Administration.

Looks to me from the article you linked regarding the Polish community, that they seem to prefer Parma to Slavic Village for their parade. In fact, they prefer Parma over downtown. Okay. Do the members of that community need defending? How do you suggest they be defended and by whom?

What am I missing here?