Ohio Top Democrats Buckle Again

Submitted by Roldo on Sat, 08/23/2008 - 13:20.

Is anyone as sick of weaseling Democrats as I am? That’s the category I put Gov. Ted Strickland and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher for their cave-in on the sick day ballot issue. A pair of ingrate weasels.

Organized Labor – not exactly vigorous – has been pushing a measure that would legislate seven days for sick leave for employees in businesses as large as 25 employees or more.

The usual cry has gone up by Organized Business – we can’t afford it and jobs will be lost.

After hand-wringing, Strickland and Fisher bent over for Organized Business and opposed the issue, kicking their supporters in Organized Labor you know where.

So, in other words, Strickland and Fisher are going AGAINST the people that put them in office and FOR the people that opposed them and will OPPOSE them every time.

The cry of “can’t afford it” – also carried on by organized newspapers – is a bunch of bull. They don’t want to have to afford it.

The reason Organized Business is against this modest measure follows the principal of not giving a half-inch. They want to stop any progressive or compassionate measure – as small as it might be – because they figure if successful it might encourage another humane measure.

Give a half an inch, next time they’ll want a full Inch, that’s the motto of Organized Business.

That’s why they put up such a major fight – joined by newspaper editorials – over such a minor matter. Don’t encourage any progressive change – it only encourages more change.

So it is very important to stop any movement in the direction of helping people. If they could, Organized Business would lower the working age to 10 and the minimum wage to $1.

Strickland and Fisher ought to catch holy hell for this sell-out. Without such reaction, it only encourages them to be weaker.

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weak democrats

  It's very scary--how do you feel about the republican push to eliminate the state income tax?


I watched tv-news coverage on this issue. They always have an interview of some owner who employs a couple people, casually pleading his case.  Of course, the owner probably wouldn't grant any interviews with his screwed employees.

Could you imagine if they did interview one of these small business or fast food workers? Especially one who's raising a kid? They'd get canned the next business day.

19-Action news had Bill Applegate get on his soap-box with an editorial against the issue. Why is it that anything FOR his working-poor, middle-class viewers comes along, oll' Bill has to come on at the end for five-minutes and shoot it down. Who does he think he gets his ratings from?

I'd like to give Bill a job flipping burgers at $7.00 an hour at tower city and watch how he can survive after he catches the flu!