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Did the Plain Dealer kill a story on Prosecutor Bill Mason because of the paper’s so – maybe too - close relationship with the people behind Issue 6 – County Reform?


County reform has become a crusade for the Pee Dee. And it has been so far a successful drive. Issue 6 passed rather easily with the paper’s backing. A good deal of the credit for passage goes to the PD for its concentration on corruption in county government. It set a tone – a climate for change - voters heard.


So that’s why it is interesting that the paper appears to shy away from one politician.


But the Cleveland Independent, a new alternative paper, this week published a piece on Mason and his political patronage problems. The problems seem strikingly familiar to those of other politicians that the Pee Dee vigorously and dramatically spanks. You’ve seen the stories, big headlines, many photographs of the “guilty.”


Although the Independent’s article doesn’t mention the reporter who did the story on Mason, it appears it is Joe Wagner, a hard-nosed veteran reporter of city politics.


Wagner doesn’t say that a story he wrote was killed but he does say, “Ah, I was told it was tabled.” That’s all he would say.


Must be a long table.


James Renner of the Independent wrote that the story was “pulled” by metro editor Chris Quinn.


Quinn said that the PD wasn’t “holding back” any story on Mason. He said that the paper had done a number of pieces about patronage issues on a number of officials that “we felt strongest about.”


He said nothing of Wagner’s comment.


Others have complained to me privately that they believe Mason has special cover at the Pee Dee and that critical stories about him are suppressed.


The Independent story names a host of patronage hires at Mason’s office.


Mason could become the most powerful politician here once County reform happens. He will hold one of the few elected offices. Some politicians believe he will have much to say about who is elected County Chief and in a number of instances new County Commissioners. Issue 6 called for 11 commissioners to be elected next year.


The article in the Independent is on line and has photos of the people named with their connection to Mason and friends.


It can be seen here:  


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This is a political machine

From the article:

     "This is a political machine, fed by your tax dollars, controlled by a man with motives of his own."

And I would like to know just where his political machinations are leading. Why is Mason in charge of the Wind Energy Task Force? We've been asking that question for a while now. A little bird told me - he has political aspirations for a higher elected office and needed "economic development" experience. So they (I don't know who they are) gave him the wind task force gig so he could have it on his resume. The man controls justice and our energy future? Great! He and his task force have effctively put up a molasses in January type barrier to getting wind turbines on land anywhere in our region. Good work, Mason. PD doesn't write about that either. You gotta read this stuff elsewhere. Renner goes on: Bill Mason is a bully.


speaking of molasses

 i worked public defender, juvi when this guy came on board as chief in the prosecutor's office. the whole fricking system ground to a halt. animosity was interjected into the working process and the working relationships. what used to be a fairly cooperative process aimed at the rehabilitation of what kids could be saved turned into a bitter, nasty, ugly muck - just like Mason himself...

there's not much nice to say about the guy....


We are living by the players who get off by playing the game...Thugopoly...