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If there is any evidence that symbolizes the indecency of our society it’s the story of a young Newark, Ohio student on the front page of the New York Times today.

It says everything that needs to be said about what we believe in and what we don’t as we face now our own self-destructive actions of how we conduct our public and private behavior.
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"the indecency of our society"

 we're knee deep in it, aren't we?

I do hope Ms. Clay realizes riches greater than wealth. But, it should not be this way.

I don’t get that

I don’t get that choked up over the light being shinned on the quite desperation of others. Lots of people have rough roads, I think this young lady will be fine, it’s her life to live. It also is admirable that she wants to be a nurse…or is she just like so many others just going for the money?

It’s about money isn’t it, you know that two young people living together as these two are could be full of happiness and joy, why not? The progression is and can be an adventure.

Journalists hand out perceptions and then some people hand out judgments. She seems to be living an interesting life?