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Riding the train

I hopped the Red Line with my bike and was immediately enchanted by the little boy and his mom in this picture.  I don't usually include people in my photos, because I consider it an invasion of privacy to snap without permission--and obviously, one of the passengers was not happy with my decision to take a picture.  But, it was only meant to show the range of emotions one finds on the train.  Most of the riders looked tired and bored.  But, for the little boy--this was an EXCITING adventure...riding the train rekindles that spirit.

Thank You lmcshane for your observations

 Everyday scenes - most of us don't notice   - not important - certainly not important enough to take a photo.

But that's where we are so wrong.

The scene that is so so so that you don't notice - that's the scene that is so important.

Thanks L for breaking through - and for having the emotional sensitivity to recognize and for  taking the time to post your empathetic observations.