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Every day in every way, Mayor Frank Jackson is a disappointment.


Jackson today endorsed casinos – Issue 3 – as an economic development gain for downtown Cleveland. It will take money out of Cleveland, that’s what it would do.


Vote NO on 3.


“Mayor Jackson’s vision of revitalizing Cleveland is having 25,000 people living downtown, thousands of people working downtown and 150,000 additional people visiting downtown. ‘Although not a panacea, I believe this casino will go a long way in helping to achieve that vision,’ said Mayor Jackson,” a press release by e-mail said.


Not a panacea is the line the casino people are pushing.


The only thing a gambling casino will do for Cleveland is enrich a guy who lives in Detroit.


What’s ironic is that Gateway was supposed to be the spur that kicked Cleveland to riches.


One of the beneficiaries of Gateway, of course, is Dan Gilbert, who owns the Cavaliers.


Jackson has now become a very conventional Cleveland Mayor – Give the Big Boys What They Want. And do it fast.


What a disappointment.




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Either the majority of

Either the majority of people who live in Cleveland are not aware of this or they don't really care or they believe that Mayor Jackson can bring prosperity to Cleveland.   I don't know which one, or combination of these, gets him the votes.  But, it is votes that gave him the job and it will be votes that keep him employed. 

But, on the issue 3...what harm can it do to have casinos here?  If people are going to gamble away their money why not let them gamble right here in Cleveland?  I really don't understand the objection besides the one about the casinos being owned by someone living in Detroit.  But, wouldn't having the casinos here bring in jobs for people and also bring in people who might actually spend some money in Cleveland and help rebuild the downtown area? 


 if you read about Issue 3, the issue isn't so much gambling as it is legislating a gambling monopoly to ONE person in Cleveland.

that's sheer ridiculous.

if the Capitalists had back bone, they would be screaming about this, but its not about capitalist principles - its about MONEY for a few.

To Ward114resident and

To Ward114resident and others:

Outlawing gambling would shift that money into traditional consumer economy. Going with Deb's thrust, NOT bringing gambling into Cleveland proper would help restaurants, other retail businesses instead of ONE  RICH GUY who has a casino monopoly.


Read other reasons for NOT voting for a casino here:



I think our leaders go along  with anything that promises "jobs" "economic gains" when this is merely propaganda put out by those who want something. Same as Gateway's 28,000 job promise. Unfortunately, we've lost many, many more than the 28,000 jobs and we're paying hundreds of millions in County taxes, far more than even Jimmy and Frank can steal.



Web address didn't open.  I

Web address didn't open.  I am interested in learning more about the pros and cons of issue 3 before I vote. 

Gilbert gets 2 out of 4

Gilbert gets 2 out of 4 casinos with Issue 3. Cleveland AND Cinninnatti.

If gamming comes then we can


If gamming comes then we can form a team and play together, and take some back. (wink) (wink)

If we say what is the split and then who will keep track of it, then what response should we expect.

How much will it cost and then or who do you have to sleep with to get a position on the states gamming commission?

If located in the city then it should have an account that it deposits money into, then we all get to see how much and were it goes. I want that real-time as I put a quarter in the machine the numbers change…. total take, states take, municipalities take…pay outs. Real-time as it happens, online.

Getting in should require a drivers license, then that used to issue you a gamming card…then we should be able to go online and see our gamming results individually. Locals could get statements and even credits, even warnings and maybe even cutoff.

That could be done, the state ID’s have bar codes, swiping it could generate a unique gamming ID number. That would be needed to claim any gamming looses which are tax deductible.

The thing is this you can say what you want, but without the real numbers….your guessing. If you think about it they are cooking all the books from here to Tim buck two…they cook the statistics too they usually serve them to you as an entrée.

Seriously from the owners side high bankruptcy rates are demonstrative of banner sales!


 Idiocracy... it just explains sO much....


wins again.

longs line at lotto

Southland tales and Gattaca have messages too.

Gattaca is fantasy...Southland tales is much more plausible.    

Would opium dens and prostitution be a problem? I think I might have problems with it, seriously some people will get destroyed by gaming. I won’t…but that’s just me.

We have longs line at lotto machines already, in the poorest areas they are the longest.  

Many people have addictive and compulsive behaviors gamming plays on that, the track is filled with junkies, not ladies with big hats sipping ice tea.

Casino part of long conspiracy

If you look at all the seemingly bone-headed development moves of the past 20 years, and the corrupt bullshit planned right now, add you add Gilbert's retarded casino plans, and Kennedy's convention center, and Wolstein and Jacob's high rent, pimpy looking plans, you have a sleazy little red light district package that old economy retards like everyone supporting Issue 3 might see as progress, on a drunken jaunt with hookers on Jones Day's private jet to Vegas, with Dimora and Russo, if they were all low class, sinning trash.

Anyone with a soul knows gambling including the lottery and bingo is a sin and all people lured into gambling are fools and all those profiting from them are evil. Simple as that. Jacobs... Gilbert... Jackson... evil. So easy.

I don't need to see the arguments from all the corrupt, incompetent, sinful local economists about 15,000 jobs - they are all evil jobs to take advantage of fools. The housing near the casino and even far out will fill up with whores, drug dealers, card dealers and the other low lifes that travel the casino circuit - we'll have a sudden time share industry - we'll have brothels - everyone now downtown with class will leave. Downtown will be hell.

But we'll sure as hell have Lola, and E. 4th street will boom.

We will be a city of ugly cheap buildings like proposed by Gilbert, and the Wolstein mom and son, put up as fast as possible to profit from a brief window of opportunity to make a quick billion from gambling - it will be as successful as have been the Indians since the public "bailed" their sorry, racists asses out with their shitty stadium... 5-10 years of seeming prosperity - and it will tank and everything will board up.... including all the housing around the board up casino crap... around that will be the moat already cleared to keep residents away from downtown - and the residents left will be a combination of people who were hurt by gambling and people who lost jobs because of failure of gambling, along with the fools in other declining sectors of the failing local economy who don't leave in the mean time, or are trapped here for other reasons.

Not sustainable 2019.

Our leaders are now officially an embarrassment to all the residents of this region and the state of Ohio.

Disrupt IT

They are all junkies,

They are all junkies, looking for that million dollar fix. Then the high they get off the attention it all garners them. Many them were fat kids I suspect…

They never feel validated…poor things.

We will need ten or twelve people to form a card club, we can play as a cooperative the odds improve with the number of players , we can play until they kick us out. We need a backer find the fat kid that was left out of the game or one that just hates gamming. Bruce Ratner could be good candidate, we need a seductive temptress to lure him in. Not that he hates gamming, but I am sure he has hate that can be tapped into. If not hate certainly greed is there, maybe he can get the Russians to back us?

I do not think cards are really complex probabilities are they? I mean multiple decks makes it a bit more complex but not that much.

Is this illegal? Talking about it? Would setting up instructions and online programs be? I mean it is all fair right? They can only kick us out once they catch us, then we can send in the new team.

We can call it the Robin Hood initiative….what can we use the money for? I got it to fund a gambling recovery program, then get them into the next team…no you do not have a problem…you just need better odds we offer that.

you do not have a problem…you just need better odds

You do not have a problem…you just need better odds... That is the Ronn Richards Fund For Our Economic Future Model - just give the corrupt old economy leaders more public money and they'll win eventually.

If not, build a casino.

That one only fails once in a lifetime, and that was called the lottery.

I say we talk to the priests - those who are against gambling can stay and those who are for gambling must go... kill the sinners at the root causes, like false, corrupt religion.

Disrupt IT