Cuyahoga County people are GENEROUS!

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The taxes keep rolling into Cuyahoga County. County taxpayers are a hardy bunch.

I try to keep people updated (whether they care or not) on the tax collections for the Browns Stadium, the Arts & Culture and Med Mart accounts. It’s good for the soul.
For the three accounts, Cuyahoga County taxpayers contributed $6,558,635.40 last month. Thank you for your patronage.
How did the tax collection breakdown?
The Medical Mart collection for March was $4,149,658.35. The total since it started being collected (Jan. 2008): $52,689,428.03. “Thanks Jim, Tim & Pete,” says MMPI. That’s who it will help. Enormously.
The Browns Stadium subsidy from Cuyahoga County taxpayers for March was $1,083,222.666. The total since this sin tax was being collected (Aug. 2005) totals $50,892,447.06. “Thanks Jim, Tim & Pete,” says the billionaire Lerner family. Always willing to take a little more.
The Arts and Culture tax for March was $1,325,754.56. Since its inception (Feb. 2007) the tax has brought in $41,169,877.71 (this includes some interest). Thanks smokers, say the big arts organization in particular. And some small ones.
The grand total for the three taxes, rounding off in millions of dollars: $144.5 million. Now we’re talking dough, as Sen. Dirksen used to say.
You all keep that money coming, especially you smokers.
Does anybody know what a pack of cigarettes costs here today?
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