We're in Brooklyn Bridge Territory

Submitted by Roldo on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 13:39.

Maybe they can leave the roof off and forget about the foundation.

Then maybe Fred Nance, Tim Hagan and Sam Miller can bring that sucker in under a half billion tax dollars.

That, of course, doesn’t include interest in about the same amount, plus generous overruns for contractor friends. Oh, and don’t forget the little items they aren’t talking about subsidizing – parking garages and a new luxury hotel, built, of course, on Sam’s land.

How does our creative Plain Dealer today play this creative Greater Cleveland Partnership pitched story? The headline tells it all: “Cutting costs for a convention center.” Yeah, we’re into cutting costs.
Do you know how to laugh? Loudly? Do it now.

If you trust Nance, Hagan and Miller, we have some valuable land under Lake Erie we’d like to sell at a real bargain.

These guys should go on the road. They’d be a big hit in Vegas, even Peoria.
Are we as big suckers as Plain Dealer editors are?