Looking for Linux Systems Administrator for Cleveland medical informatics startup (Explorys)

Submitted by dougmeil on Tue, 01/12/2010 - 23:05.

Looking for Linux Systems Administrator for Cleveland medical informatics startup (http://www.explorysmedical.com)

See the website for more information, and apply at hr [at] explorysmedical [dot] com





Welcome, Congratulations and Success to Explorys

I just noticed this posting buried in new forums on REALNEO and promoted it to the home page - welcome new real REALNEO member Doug Meil and Explorys. To REALNEO members, Explorys is a very cool-sounding new Cleveland-based medical high-tech company I'm just learning about here, now... From their website:

Explorys accelerates healthcare innovation by providing a network that bridges the gap between the researcher and frontline clinician. Formed in 2009, Explorys combines years of clinical and research development with a leadership team who built one of the largest data platforms in the world. Explorys is based in Cleveland, Ohio, an epicenter of healthcare within the United States.

Our offices are located in Ohio’s healthcare corridor, which includes the campuses of the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and Case Western University. In addition to providing systems to accelerate research, collaboration, and discovery within the healthcare community, we are committed to growing jobs in the Northeast Ohio region.

To speak to one of us, please contact us at sales [at] explorysmedical [dot] com.

I'll be interested in how the search goes for a Linux System Administrator... I know a few and they'll all see this posting here on REALNEO.

Perhaps we may get a discussion going here about the overall linux skills demand and supply situation in the region - I'm in the same space and am finding some exciting young talent!

For anyone considering applying to join Explorys, I recognize some winners on the board so would say this is a very good bet!

Doug, tell us more about your focus and interests at Explorys, when you have a chance - it sounds very exciting.

Best regards,


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LINUX on board--good news

Welcome to REALNEO--I look forward to following your company--we need good news here.  Thank you for a bright spot in my day.

Neo, Explorys, jobs, Linux, encouraging news!

Hi folks,

It is double encouraging to hear jobs and Linux in the same breath. I will keep an open eye, the sys admin I know are working. I wish Linux System Admin weren't a we do it all position, I've been using Linux for years, but on the home user level, not a corporate level. I am a PC support tech.

Falconer Technologies does Linux support, they are in Sheffield: www.falconertechnologies.com/

Also I believe the city of Avon runs Linux servers: www.avon-lake-ohio.com/data/linux.html

I've talked to the Admin in Avon years ago, so I don't know the situation there today.

Ohio Business College in Sheffield has a teacher, Neil Higgins. He is a Linux Sys Admin and might know of others in this area who are like wise.

We used to have Linux User groups in the Cleveland Area, they just vanished. Case Western Reserve might still have one, but it just might be a mailing list.

Sounds good and good luck!!