I have been busy with my rose garden

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My mini wire-haired dachshunds and my roses are my great joys. So I can safely work in the garden, there are conduit pipes and fence posts stuck here and  there with wire cable connecting them for me to grab onto if I start to fall. You can see this at the right of the picture below.











 My old garden roses are very, very fragrant. Among the most fragrant of these are Yolande d'Aragon, a Hybrid Perpetual from 1843, below, and

Sidonie, a Hybrid Perpetual from 1847. Unlike Yolande, Sidonie is covered with many, many buds in the spring.













 I love to have bouquets of flowers in the house that I cut from the roses growing in my garden.










I have mini roses, too. This one on the right, called Vista, is almost a carbon copy of the larger hybrid tea called Paradise on the left.













Clematis, too, grows in my garden. On the fence is Belle of Woking.












The enormous caned, hard to find hybrid tea roses I bought from Cliff Orient's 5,000 rose collection are doing beautifully and have long, long stems. Rose Rhapsody has many blooms and is showing a fast rebloom. It is hard for my camera to show all the shades of pink and red and mauve and purple. Della Reese is more purple than Rose Rhapsody.


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Your garden is absolutely beautiful & enchanting...

I tried uploading some photos of it...but the photo button is not working!!! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"