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Everyone in Cuyahoga County should read Erick Trickey’s piece on Pat O’Malley in the October issue of Cleveland Magazine. It’s a must read to show what the Plain Dealer has avoided doing for years about Prosecutor Bill Mason’s buddy, O’Malley.

You really have to ask yourself why over all these years of covering bits and pieces of O’Malley’s thuggish behavior the Plain Dealer didn’t set a reporter on the job to stop it long ago. The behavior has always been there.

However, it takes the determination of a newspaper to trace the dots of bad behavior and bring it home to the public so that the public understands how bad it really is. Trickey, thankfully, did it. It can be found here:

For those with strong stomachs, Cleveland Magazine provides the attached memorandum that outlines a description of the sickening pornography that O’Malley is charged with having on his computer. It can be found here:

I’d say that the political connections and friendship of Mason and O’Malley should rule out anyone voting for Mason for County Prosecutor. If his judgment is so bad as to ally himself with O’Malley he shouldn’t be in a position where he determines guilt or innocence of anyone.

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Map the O'Malley Mess

I tried to add this to Ed Morrison's site--but the captcha thing doesn't work--the Cleveland Magazine article ties in with an article that recently appeared in the Plain Dealer.

Henry Gomez recently wrote a piece on the City Council practice of
appointing successors using the council campaign slush fund.  This has
especially played out in Wards 15 and Ward 16 and no one has really
bothered to call the elected officials on their agenda.  Please add
this article to the mess.


Abuse of power

Palin is getting scrutiny for her abuse of power over a firing in Alaska and yet it goes on and on here...of course, the article is gone now that Scene magazine merged with the Free Times, but here is the jist of it:

An Old Brooklyn code enforcer spoke out and lost her job. Did ...

To Zeleny, it was clear what cost her the job: Kelley was friends with ... And now Zeleny was standing in the way of a favor Kelley was doing for a friend


From the nice folks @ "A Word A Day"

Journalism is publishing what someone doesn't want us to know, the rest is propaganda. -Horacio Verbitsky, journalist (b. 1942)


I have to ask myself, are these local politicians pawns?

Naive, dumb or duplicitous?