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Do you notice how the Plain Dealer is so quick to praise Sen. George Voinovich and typically so quick to kick Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

In an editorial today, the Plain Dealer went out of its way to praise Sen. Voinovich, who apparently woke up late to the crisis in the auto industry.

Gosh, gee we have to do something about this crashing crisis.

Today’s editorial is entitled “Voinovich tried to help Detroit.” It can be found here:

“Give George Voinovich, co-chair of the Senate Auto Caucus, credit for trying to help out the Big Three carmakers …”
What I wonder is where have Voinovich and Rep. Steve LaTourette been for eight years during which their Republican President George Bush has drive the economy into the (no, below) the ground?

The Plain Dealer has been a Voinovich protector for decades.

This editorial might as well start the newspaper’s endorsement campaign for Voinovich’s re-election campaign in 2010.

Can’t we retire this slow-to-action Senator and get Ohio a new start in the U. S. Senate?

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Kucinich needs the boot

And so does Voinovich--Sure, the PD is easy on Voinovich going back to Machaskee, but for once, Voinovich is proposing a solution to the auto crisis that doesn't amount to a complete handout.  Also, there is not enough space here to go into the whole seniority/committee process in the senate and the congress, but it should suffice to say, we have to have old dogs to perform any tricks.

Today, there is an editorial letter in the Forum section that also proposes a real stimulus package--Purchase instead of a bailout from Benjamin Horwitz, Cleveland Heights.  Read it. Please, dear God, anything, but another "handout." 

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