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Cleveland’s Scene does a well-deserved job on County Commissioner Tim Hagan.

The pompous Democrat gets a whipping from Scene Editor Frank Lewis.
Lewis makes a good point of comparing the likely forthcoming indictments of County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and Auditor Frank Russo as petty in comparison with the acts of Hagan, his arrogance and the Kennedy connection. He could have called it Misdemeanors & Felonies.
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As a middle-class grunt I feel helpless

Is anyone in the mainstream media (60 minutes, Hardball, Rachel Maddow) 'interested" in investigating this?

Who can stop this project from going forward at this point?

Once built, I estimate it will cost each county taxpayer an extra 32 bucks a year to pay the monthly "rent" that MMPI will expect us to dole out, for 30 years.

BTW the county will have to pay all the Federal, State, County and City taxes once it built. It's in the contract.