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County refomer Issue 6 leader Marty Zanotti took gambling trips with convicted County corrupter J. Kevin Kelly.



The story was broken by James Renner of the Independent.


Here’s how the article begins:


Independent Exclusive: Zanotti Gambled with J. Kevin Kelley

 By James Renner

Contrary to his public denials, The Independent has learned that Issue 6 architect, former Mayor of Parma Heights, and county-transition executive committee member Martin Zanotti took trips north to gamble with county corruption figure J. Kevin Kelley and several other local politicians.

            Zanotti watched from the sidelines at a public meeting for the government transition process held at CSU February 17. After several audience members lobbed softball questions at the group of Democrats in control of the meeting, I stepped to the mic and addressed Zanotti directly. I asked him to go on record to confirm or deny that he accompanied J. Kevin Kelley on gambling junkets to the Detroit/Windsor area. Zanotti’s response? “Come over here and ask me that.”

            So I did.

            But the audience never heard his response, which was, “Zero.”

            I guess that depends on your definition of “junket”.

            Reached by phone early this morning, Joe Tal, Parma Heights service director and brother-in-law of Zanotti, said that he was on at least two trips to casinos with Zanotti and J. Kevin Kelley. The feds insist J. Kevin Kelley’s limos, trips and chips were paid for by people seeking favors from Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo and commissioner Jimmy Dimora.


You can link to the entire piece here: Read all about it here.





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And the PD didn't know?!?!

And the PD didn't know?!?!

Disrupt IT

trouble in River City

Oh, we've got trouble, right here in River City and I mean Cuyahoga River City.

Zanotti plays Professor Harold Hill in the Music Man. This is not a pool table, but appears to be a black jack or craps table. What is it with these guys who like to gamble and spread their promiscuity everywhere? A double standard? Indeed. It's looking more like a long running Sopranos series these days. Keep those plot lines comin'.

Before we take down the Cold Storage Building, somebody ought to put up a billboard to share the county's ongoing disgrace with the dogs in the image on Renner's piece replaced with the real life low lifes.

PETA (I am not endorsing PETA)  is attempting to leverage Tiger Woods' fame to the advantage of cats and dogs.

Maybe Gamblers Anonymous should consider a billboard for our county operatives and Dan Gilbert. Too much gambling can be a bad thing, especially with our tax dollars.