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March 30, 2009

I was greatly dismayed to read Sunday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer article regarding my views on Cleveland, its business climate and its leadership. I wanted to reach out to you directly to correct inaccuracies in this story and reiterate I and the team at MMPI are as excited as ever about working with the county, the city, and the local business community to make the Medical Mart and Convention Center the premier location for medical industry showrooms and events.

During the interview that led to this article, I commented on the current state of REIT investor activity in Cleveland. Somehow, this statement was misconstrued as a comment on the city as a whole, and I want to be clear that this was neither my statement nor my intent.

Specifically, I noted that no major Real Estate Investment Trusts were currently investing in the city, and that this lack of investment could be seen as a negative signal by other REITs.  As an example of this alarming trend among REITs, I noted a major residential REIT sold its portfolio of buildings in Cleveland that were earning 10%, reinvested in cities like Washington D.C. at 5%, and was applauded by financial analysts.  I said that with the exception of Forest City, Cleveland seemed to lack outside investment by the leading REITs. This comment was presented in the story -- not as a commentary on the REIT industry -- but instead as an attack on the entire community.

Of course, Forest City and the Wolstein family remain very active, and now MMPI can help reverse this trend with the major investment we intend to make in the city.  While a relatively new member of the community, I reiterated our commitment to the people of Cleveland and the long-term success of this project.

During the conversation, the reporter suggested that in Cleveland he had observed what he termed a fear of failure in regard to big projects.  I responded by saying that the hope of success needed to be greater than the fear of failure. Taken out of context as it was, this statement could be further misconstrued to create the false impression that we are anything but enthused about the opportunity in Cleveland.

MMPI has made every effort to respond to media and local leaders requests for information on the progress of the Medical Mart/Convention Center project. Despite our efforts to provide as much information as we could in a timely and factual manner, much of the recent dialog around this project has been negative, inaccurate, and in some cases, personally offensive.

Despite these challenges we remain committed to providing complete and accurate information and updates regarding the development of the Medical Mart and Convention Center. We look forward to meeting with local media and community leaders to provide updates, and as a critical stakeholder in the success of this effort, we will keep you updated directly.

We remain fully confident that the people of Cleveland will be happy with the progress of this project and the positive impact it will bring for so many. As you know, we run many large and successful trade shows and facilities around the country, including The Merchandise Mart in Chicago, and each year we attract a million visitors to the cities in which we operate.  We look forward to leveraging this experience and expertise to make the Medical Mart and Convention Center the next great chapter in the ongoing renaissance in downtown Cleveland.

In the meantime, I hope that you will give me a call with any questions or concerns you might have to ensure the greatest success of our partnership with you.

Best Regards,

Christopher Kennedy

President, MMPI

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That's a lot of dissasembling

That's a lot of disassembling that the Pee Dee allowed Kennedy to get away with in this morning's article. He shouldn't be allowed to continue it here.

"Somehow the statement got misconstrued." "Out of context."


Please consult:



And if you go back  farther in my blog I'm sure you'll find more disturbing material about this rotten deal.


Let's not allow Kennedy to change his story.

HYPOCRISY - looking to engage the public on MEDCON


Since the inception of the MEDCON sales tax and private non-bid placement scheme by Mr. Cosgrove, Mr. Hagan, and Mr. Kennedy, three years ago, there has been no need for any of these individuals to engage the public - and they have not done so.
They thought they had the deal in the BAG without any public vote or input.
Indeed, if you questioned   Mr. Hagan at a public hearing, Mr. Hagan would testily put you in  your place with a rude “you elected me – this is a representative form of government  - don’t challenge me “
To everyone in the room it was clear that Mr. Hagan really was saying “SHUT UP”.
And during the last 3 years Mr. Chris Kennedy has made no objection to “working” in secret with Fred the Fixer Nance, or in secret with Jimmy Dimora, or in secret with his friend Mr. Hagan.
And the Dirty Dealer and the Greater Cleveland Partnership and Mr. Joe Roman didn’t need any public input either.   The DD supported the secrecy and non-bid scheme from day one, only in the last few weeks have they developed any interest in seeing the secret documents – and half heartedly threatening a public records request.  The Greater Cleveland Partnership spent money to fly an airplane pulling a banner over Jacobs Field proclaiming – “Don’t sign the sales tax referendum petition”.   The GCP Message? = "no public invovlement!"
None of these individuals or groups wanted the public to be involved or express their opinion – BECAUSE THE PUBLIC DID/DOES NOT WANT A MEDCON!
And over the last three years many users of Realneo have hammered away against the MEDCON
Only when the MEDCON scheme seems to be spinning away from their grasp,  does Mr. Kennedy show even more clearly his arrogance and hypocrisy – he is now – three years too late - seeking to engage the civic community directly by posting his opinions on Realneo.
Secrecy and non-public bid self dealing fell short of their goal – so now the MEDCON proponents have a new community engagement religion.   
NOTE:  I confirmed with Ms. Weiss today that she intended Mr. Kennedy's statement to be published on Realneo.


Thought For The Day....

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There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

dissembling, too

yes, and protesting too much as well

i guess that depends

 which side of priviledge you sit on......