Cleveland Ward 14 community development services and funding update

Submitted by briancummins on Thu, 07/22/2010 - 17:46.

I'm pleased to report that our Ward 14 Ward Office is now up and running.  We are located at 3167 Fulton Road, Suite 305, located in the Lin Omni Building close to St. Rocco's Parish.  Our primary phone number utilized for City Hall, 216-664-4238 will be utilized at the Ward office.

The following are the Cleveland Ward 14 funding allocations to-date for 2010/2011.  There will be additional authorizations as indicated in the notes below, but the major funding allocations for community development services have been made.

Currently, community development services are being provided by the following organizations – see below.  Note that residents of Ward 14 living from W. 25th Street going east to Tremont are serviced by the Tremont West Development Corporation (TWDC).  All other areas as of July 1st, are now serviced by a New Community Development Services Office administered by the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO). 

Ohio City Near West Development Corporation (OCNW) and the Brooklyn Centre Community Association (BCCA) are also providing services.  All of these organizations are currently in the process of working with our Council office and Neighborhood Progress Inc., in developing better collaboration and comprehensive services for Ward 14 and the Stockyards neighborhood.

Councilmen Matt Zone and Jay Westbrook, of Wards 15 & 16 respectively, are also assisting and supporting the development the new service model.

  • Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization, 216-961-4242
Service Area:  Stockyards, Clark-Fulton and Ward 14 portions of Brooklyn Centre and Ohio City.  
    New Community Development Services Office - Megan Meister, Program Director, 3167 Fulton Road, Suite 303, Lin Omni Building (a/o 8/1/2010).
  • Tremont West Development Corporation, 216-575-0920,
Service Area:  Ward 14 portion of Tremont; Code Enforcement for parts of Clark Metro and Ward 14 portion of Ohio City
  • Brooklyn Centre Community Association, 216-644-0471, Services/Area:  Code enforcement for Ward 14 portions of Brooklyn Centre, Stockyards and portions of Clark-Fulton

Note the most recent developments for community development services -- Gail Long (formerly of Merrick House) and Jim Pelikan are being contracted through Neighborhood Progress Inc. to assist in developing our new community development service model.  Cleveland City Council and NPI will share the cost of the consultancy.

In addition, Megan Meister, formerly of Stockyard's Redevelopment Organization (SRO) has been named Program Director for the new service model organization. NPI is anticipated to authorize $40,000 to assist in the funding of the new service model.  Adam Gifford (also formerly of SRO) has also been hired.  There are plans for a total of 5 to 6 staff members; three to work primarily on outreach/organizing and general housing rehab program services and three to work on vacant lot, code enforcement and neighborhood services.  Generally these services are viewed as stabilization services and commercial development and future housing project development services are anticipated to be covered by TWDC and DSCDO.

Gail Long and Jim Pelikan are in the process of planning to contacting neighborhood leaders for preliminary meetings to begin the development of a neighborhood participation strategy, i.e., Advisory Committee for the new service model.  Public meetings will follow.  A draft neighborhood leadership list is being worked on that will include active block club and civic associations, social service and other non-profits and faith-based organizations leaders.  Anyone residing in the new service area that would like to be added to the list can contact our office or Megan Meister at 216-961-4242.

In addition to working on increasing community participation with resident groups, we are also working with Lucy Torres, Hispanic Liason for the Mayor's Community Relations Board, WIRE-Net and the NEOhio Chamber of Commerce in meeting with and collaborting with area churches, clubs, and businesses.  Social service agencies will also play a major role in identifying community needs, mapping their service areas and ultimately collaborating to ensure all members of the community can take full advantage of service being provided.


  1. New program being created to work on community development of Ward 14 and the Stockyard neighborhood by Chuck Hoven;
  2. City Council meets to discuss future of Community Development Corporations;  by Joe Narkin;


 $471,000  Balance of Funds (Ward 14)

      3,000         *OBCDC/Brookside/SCR Food Program (Nov/Dec 2009)
    15,000         *Esperanza
      1,000         *Greater Cleveland Volunteers RSVP - (tutoring)
         500          Cleveland/Walk&Roll
  100,000          Tremont West Development Corp
  300,000          Detroit Shoreway Comm Development Org
      2,000          Neighborhood Progress Inc. (NPI), 
                         Community Participation/Advisory Committee contract
      5,000          Ohio City - Assistance in Community Organzing/Saftey for 
                         Barber-Vega area of Ohio City/Ward 14.
    10,000         *Merrick House

Other organizations being considered for funding as programs and funding balances are confirmed ($2,000 - $10,000):

                        *Julio DeBurgos
                        *Art House
                          Cleveland Restoration Society
                          Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for NEOhio
                        *Hispanic UMADAOP
                        *Brookside Center
                          Hispanic Alliance
                          Cleveland Tenants Organization
                        *Ohio City Bike-coop
                        *Senior Citizens Resources
                        *City Music

 $436,500         TOTAL 2010/2011 Authorizations

   $34,500         Current un-spent/authorized balance


  1. * Indicates Social Service programs, note that there is $61,500 available for year 2010/2011 social services programs. Depending on de-certification of funds from previous contracts this amount may be able to be increased.
  2. There is currently a review of contracts that will be closed-out from previous years and un-spent balances will revert back to the Ward 14 allocation.  There will be a report issued once that process is complete and the balances re-confirmed along with new authorized amounts for services.
  3. There are $0 dollars allocated to Council/Wards for street resurfacing.  The Street's Dept. is overseeing a City budget that will repair/patch streets throughout the City based on a pavement management system initiated 2-years ago.

Please contact me for any questions or inquiries and interest to participate in the re-development of the community.


Brian J. Cummins
Cleveland City Council, Ward 14

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Stockyards Redevelopment Organization

 just would not drink the kool-aid and will be gone soon, while ward 14 undergoes a year of review, study, etc. Rather than cooperate with a group like SRO with years of experience in one of the poorest sectors of the city, with staff that worked their butts off, they have been killed off because they decided to not be co-opted. Rather than respect the Board in place, they were mandated to have Sandy Smith and Kate Duapis added to their board and that was declined.

I am very happy that Megan and Adam will work in Ward 14, but let us not fool ourselves with any pretense that at a time that CDC's are consolidating and merging service areas, that their will be a new service organization. 

In 2009, Cummins told people that, if elected, he would give money to DSCDC to cover 14. Then we all went through the pretense of a series of meetings at the beginning of this year to explore the best way for SRO to cover most of 14. Zone told me that SRO was the best to get the job done, and Westbrook said that he supported SRO serving the area. The wild-card here is Cummins.  He lied. I am sure that you can handle being told this, Brian, as you have heard it before. As a public official, people have a responsibility to tell you when you do it. Nothing personal, just business.

Unfortunately, after a year of study and input, he may decide that things best continue under DSCDC and TWDC.  The wild-card for Cummins is Gail Long and Jim Pelikan. I know Gail Long, and she will truly try to assess what the neighborhood wants and needs.  Then it is up to Cummins to drink the new kool-aid. Will he?

For a man that wanted this job so bad, and said that he had the experience, touting the Peace Corp work, and touting his knowledge of the neighborhood, he sure is going down some mighty wrong paths with this rejection of SRO, saying a year of research, and the endorsement of a historical area on Scranton that includes a fraudulent letter to the Planning Commission while across the street low income and people of color living in the Scranton Castle fight for extermination of bedbugs with any assistance from you.

I have no doubt what so ever, that the next year will be full of surprises and a real learning experience for Brian Cummins. Ward 14 is kind of fun in that way.



and for the $100,000 for TWDC

 I am hearing that this is to maintain staff that is already there, not to actually deliver services. So what are the residents in Ward 14, serviced by TWDC, going to get out of this deal, specifically? What must TWDC offer to these residents that will improve the qaulity of their lives and their neighborhood?


I do not see any responses to tons of questions that requested transparency in your planning phases of these operations.

I do not see any invitations to your REALNEO readers to participate in those Ward 14 concerns, particularly when so many of them are regular readers on this website and came here because you offered open communications in this forum.

Once again, you-just like SANTIAGO-are driving our funding into outside CDC's.

Whatever the objectives of their alledged development is, should be presented to us for options to react-BEFORE you make such decisions on our behalf. Thanks for that kind of transparent leadership that results in abusive practices.

$300,000.00 to DETROIT SHOREWAY????




Santiago cum Cummins--RECALL

RECALL is a serious option--we are seven months into the four year council term.

The lag time, lack of communication and intentional stonewalling over NDA allocations and, now, word that there will be no street repaving and that Detroit Shoreway--already grossly over funded--will now receive the lion's share of OUR money.  Folks are tired of waiting. 

BCCA met yesterday with Meagan Meister.  She seems like a nice person, but what can she guarantee us in the way of services?  Do any of the employees at Detroit Shoreway live any where near us in Ward 14? Your office  and the satellite office for Detroit Shoreway is STILL not up and running in the Linn Omni building.  The neighborhood meeting with consultants Gail Long and Jim Pelikan to facilitate the process is sometime/somewhere in August...your preoccupation with the LED contract is an admirable focus, but not at the expense of residents. Your rollover on the ODOT walls was another miserable experience for local residents.

Are you asking us to BELIEVE in Cleveland and believe in you, Brian? We're tired of the lies, Brian--we're tired of the carpetbaggers.  You need to make this right.  I shouldn't have to beg--but you need to direct some serious NDA dough to the civic groups with 501c3 status.

Fund Brooklyn Centre Community Association and ask your colleague Joe Cimperman to cough it up for Southwest Citizens.  You both see the meltdown at Tremont West--another CDC beneficiary of your NDA jackpot to the tune of $100,000 of Ward 14 tax dollars. 

At the very least, support your civic groups. We will just continue to take care of ourselves despite this latest hemorrhage of our tax dollars--we obviously can not count on our political representatives.

Stop this, Cummins

 from Cummins above posting:

"There are plans for a total of 5 to 6 staff members; three to work primarily on outreach/organizing and general housing rehab program services and three to work on vacant lot, code enforcement and neighborhood services.  Generally these services are viewed as stabilization services and commercial development and future housing project development services are anticipated to be covered by TWDC and DSCDO."

Why bother assessing if the many vacant lots are targeted for new development? The back assed way of Cleveland development pushes forward.

The Clark Fulton neighborhood and surrounding areas need a real plan. Cummins said that he would work with people. This sounds like the same old top down approach.


And the people of Ward 14

And the people of Ward 14 Tremont are - s-h-i-t o-u-t -o-f l-u-c-k

Poor people in ward 3 and in the same bucket except - they're S-H-I-T O-N

RECALL BRIAN CUMMINS...Let's get the petition started...

 Enough is enough....but Wared 14 can be certain that those funds that went to Tremont and Detroit Shoreway will pay for tons of hours of them fighting a recall....Now that their behinds are padded-you can rest assured they are going to fight hard to preserve their new Corrupt loyalist, Mr. Brian Cummins.

Brian Cummins, you are playing "politics as usual" in Ward 14 and there is a zero tolerance for this absolutely unbelievable game that you and the City Council are portraying on our community. If these representatives were "ineffective before" and now you just switch them around...then how can you begin to think that they will be effective now at another location? You have deliberately violated the citizens of Ward 14 in unethical and unscrupuous ways.

ATTENTION Citizens of WARD 14: Name the list of block club and social gatherings so that we may reveal the truth to the public at large and get our petition for a recall completed by the next election. I will devoutly make it part of my life to eradicate these corrupt, disingenuous, and absolutely defiant and inconsistent leaders who abuse our citizens and demographics as they climb their way to the top through political favors and redirection of our development funding.

Below are the results of the election from the BOE and the Ohio Revised Code about the Recall Requirements. Let's not sit on our hands as it

Cleveland Council Ward 14 CLEVELAND WARD 14
          Vote For Not More Than  1
              (WITH 17 OF 17 PRECINCTS COUNTED)
           BRIAN CUMMINS .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     1,522   55.45

            RICK NAGIN .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .     1,223   44.55
               Over Votes .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .         2
             Under Votes .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       215

705.92 Procedure for removal of elective officer by recall.


Any elective officer of a municipal corporation may be removed from office by the qualified voters of such municipal corporation. The procedure to effect such removal shall be:

(A) A petition signed by qualified electors equal in number to at least fifteen per cent of the total votes cast at the most recent regular municipal election, and demanding the election of a successor to the person sought to be removed, shall be filed with the board of elections. Such petition shall contain a general statement in not more than two hundred words of the grounds upon which the removal of such person is sought. The form, sufficiency, and regularity of any such petition shall be determined as provided in the general election laws.

(B) If the petition is sufficient, and if the person whose removal is sought does not resign within five days after the sufficiency of the petition has been determined, the legislative authority shall thereupon order and fix a day for holding an election to determine the question of the removal of the elective officer, and for the selection of a successor to each officer named in said petition. Such election shall be held not less than thirty nor more than forty days from the time of the finding of the sufficiency of such petition. The election authorities shall publish notice and make all arrangements for holding such election, which shall be conducted and the result thereof returned and declared in all respects as are the results of regular municipal elections.

(C) The nomination of candidates to succeed each officer sought to be removed shall be made, without the intervention of a primary election, by filing with the election authorities, at least twenty days prior to such special election, a petition proposing a person for each such office, signed by electors equal in number to ten per cent of the total votes cast at the most recent regular municipal election for the head of the ticket.

(D) The ballots at such recall election shall, with respect to each person whose removal is sought, submit the question: “Shall (name of person) be removed from the office of (name of office) by recall?”

Immediately following each such question, there shall be printed on the ballots, the two propositions in the order set forth:

“For the recall of (name of person).”

“Against the recall of (name of person).”

Immediately to the left of the proposition shall be placed a square in which the electors may vote for either of such propositions.

Under each of such questions shall be placed the names of candidates to fill the vacancy. The name of the officer whose removal is sought shall not appear on the ballot as a candidate to succeed the officer’s self.

In any such election, if a majority of the votes cast on the question of removal are affirmative, the person whose removal is sought shall be removed from office upon the announcement of the official canvass of that election, and the candidate receiving the plurality of the votes cast for candidates for that office shall be declared elected. The successor of any person so removed shall hold office during the unexpired term of the successor’s predecessor. The question of the removal of any officer shall not be submitted to the electors until such officer has served for at least one year of the term during which he is sought to be recalled. The method of removal provided in this section, is in addition to such other methods as are provided by law. If, at any such recall election, the incumbent whose removal is sought is not recalled, the incumbent shall be repaid the incumbent’s actual and legitimate expenses for such election from the treasury of the municipal corporation, but such sum shall not exceed fifty per cent of the sum that the incumbent is by law permitted to expend as a candidate at any regular municipal election.

Effective Date: 08-22-1995



Vitriolic Scuttlebutt

Kool-aid, killed-off, co-opted, lying, abusive practices, back assed, shit-(on) out of luck, corrupt loyalist, unethical, unscrupulous, eradicate, defiant… 

I offer to have a conversation face-to-face and discuss the complexities and seriousness of the matters at hand. I’m available to meet over coffee on an early morning, evening or weekend convenient to those who’d like to discuss the issues of community development with the interests of the entire community in mind. I’m also available by phone.
I referenced the Plain Press articles in the post because Chuck Hoven and Joe Narkin do a pretty good job of distilling the complexities of the issues regarding community development.
There is a lot of interest by residents, businesses and non-profit organizations to re-engage and participate to help each other in the community.  We are not creating a new organization, but trying to leverage the strengths of existing organizations and create new opportunities for community participation.   
What is new is that we will have an office located within the neighborhoods being served, and some form of advisory/oversight opportunity for the distinct communities within the service areas and those who can actively participate in neighborhood development.  Community members will take part in forming that component.
The accusations of lying and of SRO being killed off are insulting to the difficult realities of where, as a community we are and the process we’re undergoing.  SRO articulated themselves that they spent the last 3-years discussing there own future and organizational viability.   There have been very passionate and deliberate discussions with the SRO board president and board members. Disagreements between the City’s Department of Community Development and Council members, tough decisions that have affected individuals and organizations - but, there has also been a concerted attempt by most involved to build consensus whenever possible to what new model has the best chance at delivering the best and most needed services.
The needs have been well defined by community members and readily apparent as being outreach and community organizing, dealing with the physical conditions of the neighborhood and more equitable and comprehensive services for the entire area – addressing the needs of the Clark Fulton area in particular, but also addressing the specific needs of the other four communities and getting citizen participation through some form of advisory committee for the new service model.
Outside of this blog there are civil conversations occurring with former opponents…Rick Nagin, Moises Torres, Nelson Cintron and James D’Amico as well as discussions with Gordon Fine (Clark-Metro) and others that used to be very active and involved in the community - all agree that we need to put aside differences and work collaboratively on building the neighborhood up.
Gail Long and Jim Pelikan’s primary focus is to seek community participation and develop the tools and processes that can create better oversight and sustained leadership in all of the neighborhoods being served.
Others that have been critical of the process or have had differences of opinions in terms of what has taken place thus far have contacted me and we’ve taken time to discuss our differences, respect our positions and move forward. My hope would be for less vitriol and an opportunity for real dialogue in person or by phone.

Brian J. Cummins
Cleveland City Council, Ward 14
216-664-4238 bcummins[at]

I probably used half those terms today discussing MCCO

I probably used half those terms today discussing MCCO with a fascinating group of the most senior community leaders I've met, who largely built University Circle and Cleveland over the last half century. Some in their late 80s, they didn't disagree with my concerns about their community or my forms and forums of expression, and I am speaking of the institutions to which they have dedicated their lives... to which my family dedicated lives... as we are looking for common ground for building solutions.

The only reason I am allowed at the table to discuss these solutions is having the civil forum of realNEO to build common ground.

realNEO is this community's only neutral common ground for building solutions that I know of.

I believe citizens here raise valid concerns that are neglected if not hidden by the commercial media and our leadership - I know I have.

Brian, you are to be commended for your use of realNEO and your openness here, and I encourage everyone to take Brian up on his offer to get together and discuss concerns - I don't even live in Cleveland but I contact him often to raise my concerns about matters there, like your polluting my city of EC.

He hasn't fixed Cleveland yet but at least I know someone in Cleveland will hear my concerns.



Great read, what's SRO stand for?


Old EX

Ward 14 Collaborative Efforts

  Outside of this blog there are civil conversations occurring with former opponents…Rick Nagin, Moises Torres, Nelson Cintron and James D’Amico as well as discussions with Gordon Fine (Clark-Metro) and others that used to be very active and involved in the community - all agree that we need to put aside differences and work collaboratively on building the neighborhood up.

This is good, Brian--but what can we look forward to in the way of redevelopment and investment?

Look at some of your colleagues--at least they understand bread and circuses. Joe Cimperman delivers up signature events and makes sure everyone sees him at events that he funds--in Lincoln Park.  Kevin Kelley recently sunk real money into improving Loew Park Pool and he is there almost every weekend with his kids.

I know you work hard and that you care, but you seriously need to improve your ability to deliver projects that deliver hope to your residents.  Writing a check to Detroit Shoreway and Tremont West for some vague code enforcement and continued mystery demolitions for developers doesn't cut it.

Your predecessor is now long gone--where is Joe Santiago?  Will we be saying that about you, too?  

Thank you for at least addressing these resident concerns here, but do better--please. 

(SRO=Stockyard Redevelopment Organization--now defunct

Vitreous kool-aid

 Cummins, you veered so off course that it is hard to respond, but I will try.

The people that you mention "Rick Nagin, Moises Torres, Nelson Cintron and James D’Amico" are civil people and I would expect civil discourse. I am happy that you have spoken to them and that you feel good about this.

On SRO, you posting reflects the tired specter of disinformation.  SRO has been an incredibly effective organization, producing a lot of work with minimal staff. Every good board has discussion about where they are and where they are going. It is disingenuous to post these collection of words with the implication that SRO is to blame for your lack of ability to work nicely and fairly with others, including fellow councilmen.  You are being dishonest, again.

You are inviting problems for yourself. If you want to play the blame game.........

What is one to make of the fact that your ward office is in suite 305 and the new staff for the organizing is in suite 303? I do not envy them their job. BTW, this office is a few blocks from where the TWDC service area begins, but these organizers will have to get in a car and drive (or use the bus)  to the other part of the ward  to do their jobs.

I can understand Cimperman allocating funds for TWDC as they are in his ward. But you have allocated $100,000 to TWDC for a small area of residents without any public explanation of what Ward 14 residents will receive in return. 

Yes, a public explanation is in order for that $100,000 to TWDC and the $300,000 to DSCDC. The people of ward 14 and beyond are entitled to an explanation.




To unethical public servants.

To corrupt practices.

To disempowerment of the demographically disadvantaged.

To abusive practices by the leadership.

To inconsiderate professional administrators who violate the public's trust.