hi tom -comm.stacho -john & john car 209 did my menacing report always do a great job - report no.14-364444 - RYAN C. HEFFERNAN

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ryan 756 brayton others menacing trespassing criminal damage hate crime too sophia & guy templeton black home Quest - video- update


(update -  sutton builders owns 756 brayton - 777 starkweather - one parcel 004-22-008 - see below post - read some threating audio quotes from ryan etc.) hi tom - all - john and john police car 209 did my menacing report as they always do a great job - also will you or some one else get me a copy of said report no.14-364444 - email or fax or mail - said report needs to be updated to criminal damage -  trespassing - or more - if you agree tom - RYAN HEFFERNAN buddy is a unknown suspect at this time although we have the license no. fzo or q - 4844 red ford pick -

said incident started on nov. 16, 2014 at 11:23 pm for about five minutes - RYAN HEFFERNAN leaves and comes back at 11:42 pm - till 11:56 pm when our heroes police arrive - RYAN HEFFERNAN lies to the police and said its the cameras - RYAN HEFFERNAN doesn't tell the police what he really yelled and screamed -

when you hear and see our video of 756 brayton - RYAN HEFFERNAN - you will be shocked - and  police don't shock easily  - also its interesting the cuyahoga county records of property have no records of 756 brayton on line -

this is some of the audio of our video - more needs to have soft ware to enhance the audio as the ryan rumbles in a lower voice for about 10 minutes in the middle brayton - the other is him yelling and screaming like a zombie type - as he kicked our mural on the fence - damaged our air conditioner - and ripped open our locked storm door - officer john (big) looked at our damaged air conditioner - but the storm door i didn't notice till later -

RYAN HEFFERNAN quotes - "this is your warning - this is going to end tonight - don't hide coward - pervert - peeping tom - my girl friend will testify  - piece of shit - i will end your time game - get the fuck out hear - i'm done you have lost - this dude is so pathic - you scare all your neighbors - he's a con man - you care about no one - you fake fuck - i'm ready to end this - i don't belong to your neighborhood - you pretend to be a veteran your no veteran - you carry a gun and don't have a permitt - your going to treat me like a criminal - answer me like a decent neighbor - WHERE GOING TO REMOVE YOUR HOUSE PHYSICALLY "

danial and brad admire from 757 brayton criminal gang next door joined in with ryan and his buddy yelling laughing at our home cameras and supporting ryan's menacing threats and ryan's buddy threw something at the cameras - as he giving the cameras both middle fingers -

heroes police car 223b arrives at 11:56 pm and catches ryan and his buddy in the middle of brayton yelling at our home and the police tell them "the cameras our legal " and talks to them till 12:16 am - as they order the buddy into 756 brayton for i presume disrespecting and not shutting up -

the good officers come to our home and tell me they were drinking and ryan doesn't want cameras - that if police have to come back their going to jail - 

note: update - sutton builders - 777 starkweather - one parcel 004-22-008 owns 756 brayton

"sutton builders owns the house that ryan rents unless sutton sold it to ryan - keith sutton doesn't like our pro-active signs on our home-ministry and has asked me to take them down a while back - because he said he has trouble renting or selling his properties on brayton - perhaps ryan is being used"

note: - click below post for my sutton remarks - 

eternal thanks - cheers - sophia and guy - guy templeton black


hi tom (commader stacho) john andy cory joe all we need help with filing a menacing police report - male by the first name ryan

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update - police report no. 14-364444 - menacing)- hi tom - all - we need your with filing a menacing police report - a male by the first name ryan that lives at 756 brayton ave.

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