The Solution to Pollution is Dilution - Fracking discharge fluids as road de-icer - Spread the WEALTH!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 01/21/2013 - 19:12.

 Regulation?  (whether nukes, guns or chemicals or anything else)

Human activity?  (where profit always pulls towards the Devil)

And what you will find is that once the secret chamber is opened,  it's "safe" contents will spread everywhere. 

There will be no lung, land, glass of drinking water, or river untouched. 

Every chemical that is pushed down into a fracking gas well will end up on the surface of our community  -  will end up in our water, in our dinner, in us. 

And now, right now, under your car too.

Salt water is pushed up out of fracked wells - now the Utica NY Observer-Dispatch tells us that fracking saline solutions (with everything else up from the well) are being intentionally sprayed on roadways as a de-icer. 

Wonderful.   Honey, turn up the thermostat will you?  We need to burn more methane gas.   The driveway is icy. 


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