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This blimp operating over corporate sports in Cleveland on Saturday 4.11.09 raises a few questions:
1.         Does it have a permit for operating an electronic sign in Cleveland?  Is there anywhere in the USA which requires a permit for aerial signage?   If a sign isn’t attached to the ground does a municipality have any control, or is it FAA only?
2.         Does GoodYear  have a noise permit for operating outside of normal work hours?
3.         How is the TV coverage of the Indians from the 360 degree BlimpCam (right over the red “E”) financially divvied up?
4.         Does the Blimp constitute graffiti with audio (engine drone)?
5.         What are those pipes behind the propellers?
               Answer to number 5 on the Goodyear Blimp web site.
6.         Is this "sustainable" advertizing?
7.         If HEK and MAK spray painted the Blimp, would that be graffiti?
8.         If HEK and MAK bought ad time on the LED screen, would that be graffiti?
 9.        The Blimp is operating in Joe Cimperman's Ward.   Mr. Cimperman criticized Judge Gallagher today for not being harsher on HEK.   Do you think Mr. Cimperman minds the Blimp?  Why is Mr. Cimperman OK with the Blimp?



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 I really wish that taggers were not exalted on this site, but so be it.   Watch the kids in your neighborhood get recruited to the cause.  See them slink around, fist-pounding, hoods pulled over their heads to signal whether they are carrying drugs to sell, walking aimlessly up and down and around the blocks taking drug orders...yeah, it's a great life.