realNEO Cuyahoga Council Candidate Question #2: Explain The Cost To Society Of This Pollution Point Source

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 07/19/2010 - 22:43.

Even on a hot July afternoon, this major pollution point source in downtown Cleveland
keeps burning coal and polluting the environment and surrounding citizens - can you name this polluter?


realNEO Cuyahoga Council Candidate Question #2: Explain The Cost To Society Of This Pollution Point Source.

Where is this major air pollution source located, what is the business responsible, what are the economics of the business and its pollution relative to the regional and state economies, what are the costs to society of the pollution caused, at all levels, and how well informed are citizens of all these facts, to protect them from significant physical harm?

Note: This pollution point source is in downtown Cleveland, near up-scale and downtrodden neighborhoods and the
Central Business district, with workers and visitors to such attractions as Progressive Field, the Q and East 4th Street nearby

If you are elected, what will you do to protect citizens who live, work and play in the neighborhoods surrounding this pollution point source and in Northeast Ohio and the world from genetic mutation, cancer, asthma, dementia and other health consequences known to be related to major sources of pollution, like documented here, from July 19, 2010, between 8 and 9 PM.

Pollution and visibility check Cleveland Ohio July 19, 2010 8PM
Note: the pollution from this source is not visible in most light and viewing positions - in the instances above
the light captures the smoke from behind and the smoke is highlighted by the darker building caught in the background

Every candidate for Cuyahoga Executive & Council should be intimately familiar with all the major pollution point sources in Northeast Ohio, their relationship to overall air quality in the region and world, their emissions and the status of those emissions with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the public cost and benefit of each pollution source to residents of the region, to the dollar and life.

Even though the air may seem clear and clean "close-up", it is important to view pollution and visibility from a distance,
from many viewpoints - the view from the eastern Heights shows pollution not seen downtown, although originating downtown

Please demonstrate to the real NEO community your depth of knowledge and appropriate concern on these matters, and your ability to make the brightest, greenest decisions to protect citizens from environmental harm.

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Cleveland Thermal all Summer Long

Hey folks, can you name what the Cleveland Thermal steam is being used for in the middle of a long hot summer?


Cleveland is backward, but probably not so backward as to heat their downtown buildings in Summer.

Why would steam be used in the middle of summer?  

Maybe for some really obsolete and energy inefficent use?

Nice images Norm.



Thanks Jeff - These photos are from a hot July day

I don't think most people would believe these coal "heat" plants burn 24x7 all year around unless they see proof

These photos are from a hot July day

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