Art Opening: Scott Miller "Epiphyte" at Gray's Auctioneers Gallery

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This Friday CIA grad and local artist Scott Miller will present his new works (never before exhibited in Cleveland) at Gray's Auctioneers Gallery. Scott Miller is an internationally acclaimed painter who typically shows and sells his work in L.A. Though it is far too simplistic to call them floral paintings, Scott Miller has titled this series "Epiphyte." If you are not up on your botany, an epiphyte is a plant that relies on another for physical support but does not feed off of it parasitically -- think ferns and orchids. These paintings are dark and sensuous and as visually interesting as they are conceptually stimulating. Come enjoy a glass of wine or maybe something stronger, meet Scott Miller, and be among the first to see what will certainly be a world class art exhibition. Suddenly I feel fortunate to be in Cleveland.

While you are there for the opening check out the auction preview for the Holiday Auction featuring jewelry, fine art, furniture, & antiques, together with nautical decorations from Pier W. If you ever had brunch at Pier W (my favorite brunch in town) and wished you could take home that ship's wheel now is your chance.


Gray's Auctioneer's
10717 Detroit Avenue ph. 216-458-7695
Cleveland, OH
United States
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Shameless plug

  Gray's and the Scott Miller show are featured in Dan Morgan's jpeg of the week.

Really beautiful paintings

I happened by Gray's today and saw the Scott Miller show - really beautiful paintings.

Disrupt IT

21st century Baroque

Although Scott Miller was described somewhere as painting in a Renaissance style, for me these works continue the profound and passionate visual debates about nature begun by Dutch artists in the 17th century. Three hundred years ago science and art were not mutually exclusive fields of study. Painters were botanists with brushes struggling to unlock the secrets of the natural world. It was a world were flowers were worth more than jewels. Scott Miller seems to hold the fruits of his imagination with the same wonder, illuminating for the viewer what the naked eye could never see.


Really his work is quite magical.