Cleveland Housing Network's Heroin Hotels

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On Thursday March 2, 2017 Kathy Urban Montebank HGIC at the funds starved corrupt Cleveland Housing Network made a presentation to a enormous crowd of 19 residents of Brooklyn Centre regarding the NEW Heroin Hotel she hopes to siphon millions and millions of your federal tax dollars to build. There are ALREADY TEN of these Heroin Hotels, INCLUDING one less than a mile away at 3323 West 25th Street ALL fraudulently classified as Land Use 6800 and paying zero dollars in federal, state or local taxes and ZERO in property taxes as well on an income of $10 million dollars per year to CHN and EDEN, ALL YOUR TAX DOLLARS. Although "many" PUBLIC community meetings were promised to "explain" the "benefits" of this Section 8 housing where homeless heroin addicts are free to shoot up in the privacy of their free air conditioned, furnished apartments which will cost over $250,000 of YOUR tax dollars PER UNIT to build, there was actually only ONE public meeting. And it did NOT go well. So they carefully chose this unpublicized meeting at Gino's bar which is a monthly meeting never drawing more than 25 local residents. The site of this new proposed Heroin Hotel is the condemned YMCA on Pearl Road which is a stone's throw from the ZOO and where millions and millions of Cleveland Public School children walk right past EVERY DAY on the way to various failing Cleveland Public Schools across the bridge to Old Brooklyn. Kathy and her BFF at EDEN, Irene "Dollar Bill" Collins with HER lucrative federal funds guzzling portfolio of 102 fraudulently classified Land Use 6800 “homes for the aged” and the huge staff at Metro Fulton Detroit West or whatever the fuck it's called this week "community" "development" "corporation" are trying to RAM this Heroin Hotel through by claiming to have massive community support by pretending 19 residents are representative of the entire neighborhood of 9000 people. And EVEN this tiny .002% of the population is not falling for her BS. Kathy made the OUTRAGEOUS claim that this overpriced homeless shelter full of active drug users, felons and sex offenders would somehow benefit the struggling neighborhood already full of drug users, felons and sex offenders and several attendees interrupted her by shouting "YOU DON'T LIVE HERE". Kathy also feigned girlish ignorance when confronted by an attendee regarding the fraudulently classified Land Use 6800 PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT status of their partner in crime EDEN, which has saved CHN/EDEN hundreds of thousands of dollars. It seems to Kathy and the "brain" trust at CHN, efficiency apartments would be a bit cramped for active heroin users and sex offenders. So now instead of 60 efficiency units, they are proposing 80 ONE BEDROOM units. And I'm sure the fact that HUD generously allows an additional $$200 per unit in Section 8 rent pumping the rent from $600 to $800 for a SINGLE homeless drug addict per month PER UNIT has NOTHING to do with that decision. Oh and by the way, Kathy bragged that these addicts are fast tracked to a monthly SSI "disability"check by the enablers (social workers) at 21 Jump Street aka The Men's Homeless shelter at 2100 Lakeside. More of your tax dollars at work paying people to do nothing. Except take drugs and commit crimes. I don't think Kathy has gotten the memo that Dr. Ben Carson, NOT Fidel Castro Jr,  is now the Secretary of HUD and I can say with confidence that the new priorities under President Trump are unlikely to include providing free obscenely expensive furnished air conditioned apartments to active heroin users and sex offenders classified as "homeless" because they sleep under a tree in the summer.

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From YMCA West 25th to Subsidized Heroin Housing.....

Thank you Mabeldog for your brutally honest regurgitation and revealing statements regarding the YMCA building on West 25th Street. 

The reality is that public meetings are a joke and have been a joke for too long. 

The reality is that the big business of processing these quotas into a cycle of Social Security Disability checks, receipt of ongoing Medicaid support, and Housing vouchers creates jobs in Social Work, Administration, and supportive services while bringing in tons of revenue from the locals. Too bad they won't have a grocery store within walking distance to use their EBT/SNAP/Food Stamps... and that will require bussing to other locations for basic necessities and of course; more jobs by doogooders. This is an upside down pyramid scheme that benefits the biggest welfare users in the world; the not for profit networks..and they will continue to purport these great opportunities in our community indefinitely...and whereever they can get away with it. 

The flip side is that the YMCA has been transitioned into multiple NOT FOR PROFIT entity names over the last generation---with NO PERFORMANCE after deed transfers except to receive funding that was misappropriated and never forged forward. There are countless violations to the public at large on this one entity which has been used cyclicly by different philanthropic organizations. 

Perhaps it is time to double tap their method of public meetings with complaints to HUD and other funding entities revealing their unethical practices. Perhaps a petition with REAL voter/resident signatures would support these requirements-and reveal that the residents in the community have reviewed the "plans" and DISAGREE with the projected ideas. Instead of waiting for all of these entities to "Do the right thing.." Maybe it is time to disrupt those practices, put together a summary of facts that show their violations of the laws/regulations, and then disrupt their actions... with raw truths---via entities that can scrutinize their actions legally... putting them on the string for their crappy choices to violate the real citizens of the communities. 

DISRUPT IT... use your awareness to simply file counters against them with their funding resources and the public resources.... no more playing nice with frauds.... 

Collusion with elected officials; Ohio Ethics Commission-file complaints. HUD complaints via the Department of Justice for violations. Spin them into an accountability phase of administering these programs.... do what they do to the public around these programs... make them accountable. In addition; the costs per unit are quite surreal.... and for those kind of prices; each addict could be given a home from the droves of vacant housing via CLE to become members of those communities.... for TONS less...... with long term investments into the housing stock---these persons could find hope...lots of neglected options... because the alternatives don't give them utter control and dictation to the residents as does a housing apartment complex where they can keep full time social workers writing up psychological disorders to promote disability sustainable checks....



BTW: I am sure we can get a list of citizens to sign a petition that says that they were never notified of the public meetings, never attended, and were denied input into ongoing processes.... all within a square mile of that location... and get their affidavits notarized as necessary to express their personal opinions of the proposals in question. 

IT amazes me that they can fund heroin addicts but we still have homeless veterans... ahhhh...key element...homeless veterans don't require public social workers and medicaid as much as the others for they have the federal VA system locally to support their needs. Bring us a plan to HOUSE AND REINTEGRATE a population into productive members of society instead of giving us a proposal for a population that requires 24/7 ongoing care.... Show our populations in need that they can get back into society and give them and the community at large HOPE for something more than recidivism in a dynamic perpetual unsustainable living styles/choices. 


Keep up the passionate work on behalf of the public at large.... 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Irene "Dollar Bill" Collins

Angel everything you say is true. Since Obozo declared Homelessness a priority of HUD and beefed up the McKinney "homeless" grants in 2009, all these scum non profits saw an easy way to guzzle huge amounts of federal funds from HUD with ZERO accountability for the residents. They just turned the federal funds spigot into their accounts and NEVER EVER visit those Heroin Hotels. They ca$$$$$hed in warehousing active drug users and sex offenders with no on site professional staff to pay, just a minimum wage security guard. And the directors of these phony charities are living large. According to the 2016 IRS 990, Robert Curry the chief honcho at CHN makes $135,573 with an additional $17,543 in deferred comp. Kathy Durban Monter made $108,847 with an additional $7514 in deferred comp. AND Irene "Dollar Bill" Collins the Head Federal Funds Funneler at EDEN as of 2014 Guide Star 990 drew an obscene $143,940 with deferred comp of $22,276, for her chain of 97 fradulently classified "private hospitals". EDEN's "income" is $25 million ALL from HUD. These are not your grandfather's charities that worked hard to raise money through private donations. Taxpayers are REQUIRED to donate through their hard earned tax dollars. I have visited 3 of those Heroin Hotels where I walked right in without being stopped by security. I watched from the entry way in one case as a drug dealer pulled up to the door and a resident handed him money through the passenger window in exchange for a small packet. At one of the places, a resident showed me his sad lonely apartment and said the police are often called to break up fights. He said the ONLY on site programs are provided by local churches and AA/NA/CA meetings. Which by the way are FREE. EMS had been there the night before to carry out someone who had overdosed. And the BULLSHIT claims that homelessness has been reduced by 74.37 percent! Really?? Go down to the shelter at 2100 Lakeside at opening time ANY DAY and see the lineup. Ask the guard at the front desk how many people are sleeping on the floor. MOST of the homeless are DRUG ADDICTS and need help getting sober. But come on that's hard work. That requires commitment, dedication and way less time for fashionable booze filled lunches on West 6. And really why bother with that when you can collect $10,000,000 in totally TAX FREE revenue from Uncle Sam and don't have to do a fucking thing for the troubled lonely addicts that populate these Heroin Hotels. As well as BUDGET CUTS, Ben Carson the NEW director of HUD is committed to directing funds to the private sector and faith based institutions. UH OH. Look for a flurry of retirement parties as these "directors" head for the exits, just like that fat lazy arrogant "I don't do any work I delegate it" Director of "economic development" who checked out of City Hall permanently on January 20. Inauguration Day.


Please post your public comments, support, and disagreement regarding the public housing proposal listed above herein.... Please share your opinions. Please cite if you were invited to this meeting or any relevant input you have regarding it. 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"