"People want to live in a neighborhood that fights for its neighbors", writes Councilman Cimperman

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 12/21/2008 - 01:15.

Ward 13 Councilman Cimperman was attacked in his Tremont home by vicious forces, which caused him personal harm and made him homeless. His trauma was relatively brief, as Councilman Cimperman is a powerful man with powerful friends and considerable resources at his disposal - it is safe to say he had insurance against his losses and could borrow money at a reasonable interest rate to rebuild. Ultimately, his quality of life will be better, as a result of his social condition, as a result of his tragedy. We pay him well.

Impoverished establishment outcast Frank Giglio was attacked in his Tremont home by vicious forces, which caused him personal harm and made him homeless. His trauma has just begun, as homelessperson Giglio is a brutalized man with relatively powerless friends and few resources at his disposal - it is safe to say he had no insurance against his losses and could not borrow money at any interest rate to rebuild... his quality of life will be worse as a result of his social condition, as a result of his tragedy. We must now pay him well, as well. Perhaps for the rest of his life.

Cimperman's tragedy came five months before Giglio's. When Giglio's house was demolished, Cimperman knew what it was like to see his home in ruins and feel great fear, loss and violation.

In writing about his personal tragedy, for publication in the Plain Dealer, Cimperman concluded "People want to live in a neighborhood that fights for its neighbors, risking life and safety for old friends they've just met; people want to live in a neighborhood that cares for its own when they suffer, experience tragedy, and lose everything and still wake up and go to work everyday of the week, go to market on Saturday, and to worship on Sunday; people want to live in a neighborhood that disregards walls and tears the fences down among us, even if it takes seven times."

One would think such a life event would change a man, like Cimperman, and he would be looking out for potential victims of similar fates, above and beyond his duty to do just that, as councilman. Yet, just a few months after Councilman Cimperman's brush with homelessness, his administration took Frank Giglio's house away and made Giglio homeless, and a burden to society.

As described in the Plain Dealer: "'This decision was wrongful, it was shameful,' said Tom Coffey, a member of the Cleveland Landmarks Commission. 'The city can't even fill the potholes in the streets, but it can find the money and the political will to tear down this poor bastard's house.'"

The political will invested here and the severity of this demolition are so extreme: this looks like retaliation. It makes me wonder, does Cimperman know something about Giglio we don't? Was Cimperman's house torched by Giglio, or his "pagans", or his gang of Tremont artists and business owners who want to block Cimperman's gentrification agenda. Is Cimperman taking revenge by taking their houses? Is he simply demolishing all the houses of people who didn't vote for him in the primary against Kucinich (in which case, this will be a long cleansing...)? Worse, is he doing all this out of personal greed, and/or to reward the greed of others. Is this all part of a play for another higher office, requiring higher level support than is possible from the likes of Giglios.

I look forward to when those truly responsible for the demolition of Frank Giglio's house provide complete explanations, including the exact details of the demolition, including who were the contractors who invaded Frank's space, why this was such an urgent demolition, why Frank's house wasn't recycled, and what happened to the personal property wood, stone, trim, millwork, hardware, metal and other assets destroyed and stolen from Frank's property in the name of public service? I look forward to seeing a full accounting of the money behind the Giglio demolition, and the real costs to REAL NEO, and following that balance sheet until Frank's dying day. I look forward to learning what crimes Frank has committed that justified the level of retaliation seen here.

A great place to organize and keep alive forever the details about the Giglio demo is here on realneo, where access is free and open to all, and personal property is protected for the rightful owners.

Welcome, Giglio demolition crew. What exactly did you do, and why?

How are we doing at finding an attorney for Frank?

It is clear that, even if there was a reason to demo Frank Giglio's house, the people conducting the demo had no right to steal Frank's property, which I understand is exactly what happened... I believe on video. Felonies were commited, in the name of good Cleveland city government, and that does not make sense.

A crime happened in Tremont... Ward 13. Where does the investigation stand? Anyone have good relations with the police who constantly arrested Giglio or Cimperman who let it happen? Please inquire into active police cases and investigations involving Frank Giglio and his personal property thefts, and on progress bringing the criminals to justice? 

Or, a police spokesperson or Cimperman could post about that here. 

How are we doing at finding an attorney for Frank? 

Disrupt IT

Abuse of Power

  With all the hotshot attorneys in Cleveland, there has to be one out there brave enough to confront the TAKING that took place on West 14th St.   And, if you look harder, you will find other property owners, willing to file suit.  The Denison property next to Steel Valley Credit Union comes to mind. And, properties owned by the families holding out against the Opportunity Corridor. If Frank Giglio's plight has any redeeming light, perhaps, it will serve notice to developers, like Wolstein, that there is retribution for sin.

 Why hasn't the FBI cleaned

 Why hasn't the FBI cleaned house here in Cleveland? I can not believe that a Second District Police officer was arrested  for trafficing drugs and guns, City Council commits FELONIES, and again another Second District POLICE officer was arrested for RAPE. That's just what we know of. Anyone who lives in Second District should band together and demand POLICE OFFICERS that actually PROTECT AND SERVE and CITY COUNCIL that have the best intrest of its residence at heart. I know first hand about the intimidation that the Second District dishes out and it is not pretty. If you need evidence check out the fight for the ILLEGALLY operating BARS and who is fighting for them. Lets start checking bank accounts. I for one am tired of living in this HELL HOLE known as the Second District. Why should anyone have to live like this, and get no help from the City. HEY FRANK , HELP! HELP! HELP!

Yea Rowena, I know you have

Yea Rowena, I know you have a rough way to go.  You live right across from one of those HELLISH places that gets a lot of protection - on your tax dollars no doubt.  The one thing I see going down the drain faster and faster these days in the family oriented neighborhoods.  All they want to do is throw out more liquor licenses, more bars, more strip joints - where are the families and kids supposed to fit into all this?  Anymore they stick bars and liquor joints right in the middle of schools, churches, backyards, and we're just supposed to suck it up.  And everybody wonders why folks feel so negative.



yes, and its discouraging

when your councilman is the one behind it all - "more bars in more places" Santiago - just try to hold him accountable for his behavior - he'll sic the city forestry department on you!

yea, he thinks fast.  I

yea, he thinks fast.  I think he keeps all those departments on speed dial - so that whenever he needs to cover his ass - he goes down the list - and just punches a button.  Somebody needs to punch his button.



Yesterday I posted that

Yesterday I posted that TremonTruth was open and up for new members and that is so - but I was a bit short.  I had joined Ohiocity group and was basically told to take my toys and go home because I was from Tremont so -I want everyone to know that TremontTruths is open to all communities because we all are fighting some of the same concerns and are connected. 

TremontTruths is dedicated to the Old South Side but is open to everyone and there will be no censorship, no banning or deletions.  All I ask is that you be respectful and courteous.  For everyone has their own opinions and the right to them.  We also have the right to the freedom of speech.  So lets get some good debates going and we can all learn at the same time.

Again on new membership - for anyone wishing to join TremontTruths, they
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As far as negativity goes, there's a lot of negative stuff going on
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