Connie Schultz proposes a state news agency to save her job

Submitted by Tim Russo on Mon, 06/29/2009 - 08:11.

Couldn't make this shit up if you tried.  Only at BLACKHEARTCleveland.

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Well done piece

Mr. Russo, you pretty much sum it up here:

This is what happens when you’ve spent your career cloistered in some other world. 

Welcome to REALNEO...

(BTW, I sure hope you are archiving your content at BH, since Tremonter content is now nowhere to be found--a casualty of the new media)

LOL I glanced through the

LOL I glanced through the article...and didn't really care.

One poster in the comments section hit on on the head. "look at the bottom of your article Connie. Do you see those buttons for Facebook and Digg?"

How much does a columnist take home for the PD?

I tried watching Ted Diudun's "reader representative" videos with some other staffer...I always get the feeling that its really some corporate bs. Like they care about us...They pull 70000K

Does Connie or Ted worry about making their mortgage or utility payment like the other 90% of us?

Ms. Schultz knows: the Dirty Dealer is Dying


Connie Schultz and the Marburger Bros. (David and Daniel  )  have decided that being employed by  the monopoly newspaper in Town isn't enough to ensure employee paychecks at   the Dirty Dealer, owned  by Advance Publications, for more  than about another half a year.  
In a sudden panic to save the Dirty Dealer, Ms Schultz has come up with an endorsement of a  crazy “24 hour copyright” to ensure that what the Dealer prints has 24 hours of  “exclusivity”.   
Does this mean that for 24 hours I can’t write about Ms. Schultz’ hair brained idea?  I’ll take the risk – here goes!
Ms Schultz suggests that the reason the Dirty Dealer is going down the Drain is because other news media – including media like blogs on the internet – are stealing stories which somehow BELONG to the Dirty Dealer because the Dealer invested and dug them up  “the old-fashioned way”.
Ms. Schultz cites Dealer employee Mark Puente: “Mark Puente unearthed a festering scandal at the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office the old-fashioned way. He developed relationships with longtime county employees, met sources at all hours of the day and night and weeded through pounds of documents to run down rumors about 32-year Sheriff Gerald McFaul.”
I’ll bet Mr. Puente did not himself find the Sheriffs’ story the so called “Old Fashioned Way”.     Nor did anyone else at the Dealer FIND the story.  The Dealer got a tip (Ms. Shultz uses the word “rumor”).   I’ll bet the story was dumped in the lap of the Dealer when one faction of the cheating Sheriffs’ Department didn’t get to keep their corrupt jobs – then that faction went to the Dealer and ratted out McFaul.   
I’ll bet that Mr. Puente then had the “job” of documenting the corruption assigned to him by the Dealer management.  
The same with  the story about Earle Turner, Cleveland’s Clerk of Courts who rarely came to work.
So, Ms. Schultz, if, as I suspect, the Dealer was actually tipped off – and didn’t find the stories on their own initiative – why should these stories (or any story) then BELONG to the Dealer exclusively for 24 hours?
No, the Dealer isn’t going out of business because people are stealing stories, the Dealer is going out of business because the management has not been aggressive about pursuing the corruption in NEO.   Instead the management advances it’s advertiser's favorite causes – like the Opportunity for Toby Cosgrove Corridor - as if these special interests were community news.    The fact that Terry Egger is on the Cosgrove Corridor Committee, while at the same time the Dealer is advocating for the sordid deal, is a journalistic ethical malfunction which the NEO audience can smell – so they drop their subscriptions.   
The Dealer needs to go out and initiate muck raking – not wait for a few stories to drop in their laps. For example, why isn’t Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason  being investigated for his inability to find the corruption which the FBI has found?    Instead, on the public dime,  Mr. Mason is advocating an impossible-to-build Wind Farm about 3 miles out in Lake Erie.   
These are just a few of many instances where the Dealer is an ineffectual, hypocritical newspaper, and this  is why your paycheck is in jeopardy - not because anyone is stealing stories from  your monopoly rag.