Government Hijacked by religion - church, state, & "heartbeat" bill

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 12/02/2012 - 19:13.
Government Hijacked by religion - church, state, & "heartbeat" bill

As I mature it appears to me that the inmates are usually running the asylum.    Bedlam - our society -  managed  at the direction of those who are most on the margins of reasonableness and rationality.     Realneo is an example, maybe....

Why's that?


The inmates have more passion, more commitment, more energy, more madness than our "democratically" elected choices.

Whether the issue is the militant middle east or the gun toting mid-west, whether the interest  is advanced by a  religion or a for-lots-of -profit corporation  (religions and pro "sports" are corporations too?) , it is the craziest, cruelest, most irrational view that prevails. 

Normalcy is for those of us who are at home, watching the Browns, (or playing the lottery, or smoking a cigarette, or going to the casino....)

At least Representative Niehaus had the gumption to use legislative scheduling thickets to sideline the bill.   

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The bill, the heartbeat bill, will be back

Ohio legislators are slow, very slow, on taking in the changes of the world around them. This bill was dropped because there was not enough support in the current state senate to pass it before the winter break. Expect it to be revived come January, after the swearing in of the 2013 state officials.

People want and needs jobs. Ohio GOP needs to dump the tea party conseratives that waste time and energy, and get down to business. That does not include useless bills that won't stand up under court scrunity.

Legislation moved by religious lobby violates constitution

The so called "heartbeat bill" is soley a religiously motivated lobby action.    

I very much resent the peoples' tax paid officials pandering to any religious interest.   First off, using a tax paid representative to advance a particular religious ideology  is a violation of the constitutionally mandated separation of church and state. 

I don't like "God" on my dollar bill, and I don't like women being told how their bodies will be treated - that they will need to hear an audio of their womb - this is really sick weirdo stuff - exactly as extreme and sick as other religions overseas which we hear criticized daily.

If I had my druthers, I would haul up each of the sponsors and tax paid supporters of the so called "heartbeat bill" on willful violation of the Constitutional separation of Church and State - they checked out of their ethical duty to support the constitution at the statehouse door.


Regulating women

Conseratives rail against regulation. No regulations on coal! No regulations on hazardous waste! No regulations on small businesses, or large ones! Walmart is great. Can't regulate wages and benefits!

But, wait, we regulate women...what happens in their uterus, from the time of implantation and beyond. We can regulate the privelege that is supposed to exist between the female patient and her health care provider. Hell, yeah!

Ohio Governor Kasich has appointed Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life, to the state medical board. He is an attorney, without medical background, and has a 5 year appointment. Read more here.

From science to God.