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Submitted by Susan Miller on Fri, 05/25/2007 - 19:34.

Wow! Check this out! Los Angeles has a City Ethics Commission! Do we have one and the link is not posted? I don't see it in our city website... we need one for the county government, too!

This site offers public access on such topics as

Campaign Finanace:
"City candidates and elected officeholders are subject to detailed public disclosure requirements regarding their political fundraising and expenditure activities. Complete and timely disclosure ensures that this information is easily accessible to the public."

"The goal of the Ethics Commission's education effort is to provide assistance to agencies and public officials in administering the provisions of the Charter and other laws relating to governmental ethics, campaign finance, and lobbying. We do this by advocating understanding of the Charter, City ordinances and the roles of elected and other public officials, City institutions and the City electoral process."

The City Ethics Commission was established as a semi-independent City agency by Los Angeles voters in June 1990 to bring a new level of accountability to local government. The Commission acts through its voter-established mandate to preserve the public trust through meaningful public disclosure and effective education. Dedicated to upholding the public interest, the Commission shapes, administers, and enforces City laws regarding governmental ethics, campaign finance, and lobbying to help ensure that Los Angeles elections and government decisions are fair, transparent, and accountable. The Commission has a staff of 31 and a 2006-07 operating budget of $2.8 million.

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ethics exited years ago

We had ethics exit this city years ago when George Forbes imposed the practice of having all council voting decisions hashed out in committee and not on the floor in public debate, so as to have a show of unanimity at vote time, 21 happy colleagues scratching each others' backs or cudgeled or intimidated into submission.

Our city and county systems are compromised and corrupt and need an ethics infusion, but I think we're going to have to replace a good number of the "players" before things get straightened out. I think the boomer generation, now in or approaching retirement, will have to volunteer to take the government back.

I think this goes along the lines of what Norm has in mind when he encourages us to "disrupt it."


This is a depressing reality.  Nancy Holcepl made the same comment as Tim at the recent council meeting at Convivium33.  I asked whether I should stick around for the vote and she recounted the same history.  Forbes created a disinterested and disenfranchised public.  We need to take it back.

who is Nancy Holcepl?

is she the owner of Civilization? What council was meeting at Convivium? What was being decided? And... did you stick around for the vote?


Yes Susan--coowner with her husband of the aptly named Civilization.  Here is the link to the Convivium announcement. The event was a big show of arts strength in Cleveland.  Unfortunately, the secrecy factor also reared its ugly head.  It is sad to see the arts play the same old game as our entrenched bureaucracy.  This might be as good a time as any for me to remind the council representative for Ward 15 that my vote is going to mean more to him, than the vote of a non-profit director, who will soon live in Bay Village.

Cool council meetings in the hood

I see ... this happened while I was away.

What a cool idea, Frank! I hope the council meetings will continue to tour! Maybe the next one could be held at ArtHut ;) and one at CPT and one at Beachland, you follow, right?

East Cleveland Library would make for a nice gathering spot for City Council meetings in East Cleveland and Reinberger Chamber Hall would be a good spot for them too.

Hey make city council accessible by takin' it to the streets and make it an event and an inter-ward tourism opportunity. Give the wards a chance to shine to their Cleveland neighbors!

I think you mean that you will be voting for Brian Cummins, but Sheryl Hoffman (ED of Art House) won't. Did I get that subtle inference?

How did the arts play the secrecy game at this meeting? Or are you referring to Mel Chin asking Steve Litt to leave another forum at Convivium? I was away from May 11 to 18, so someone will have to help me connect the dots here.

Connecting the dots

I see that you have no trouble connecting the dots.  (Maybe it is a girl thing ??)  Yes, to all your inquiries and, no,I did not stay for the actual council meeting.  I served as water girl to Nancy and then hi-tailed it.  But I did enjoy seeing Alenka's Jospahat vision in all its glory.