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The RTA has awarded a commision to local artist Murphy Ajayi.
From the RTA NEWS                      

Board approves Park-N-Ride expansion, Puritas Station public art  

CLEVELAND –At today’s Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Board of Trustees meeting, members of the Board authorized a contract to expand the North Olmsted Park-N-Ride lot, and approved a $176,000 public art project for the new Puritas Rapid Station.

The North Olmsted Park-N-Ride lot currently holds 310 parking spaces. The expansion would push that number to nearly 500 spaces. It is expected that the work will be completed this fall.

Construction on the new Puritas Station is slated to begin in early 2008 and last 18 months. The $6.5 million facility will be ADA compliant and have three elevators.

The public art project approved for the station will include featured artist, Dr. Murphy Ajayi, an internationally renowned artist and sculptor who resides in the Cleveland area. He will design and construct an eight-foot by 72-foot mosaic mural inside the station, at the main entrance. Motions, Cyclones and Community will represent the neighborhood’s past and present, and make reference to the former Puritas Springs amusement park.

Three other artists – Ron Baron, William Culbertson and Krzysztof Zudowski – will design and construct outside functional art at four locations between West 150th Street and the station itself. They include:


·         A promenade wall with precast seating and a wall sculpture. It will also serve as bus-stop seating. A single bronze suitcase will be placed near the seats, as part of the artwork

·         Unique lamp clusters, which will provide direction along the walkway to the station entrance.

·         A semi-circular walkway and a bench.

·         Sculptural benches on either side of the entry door.

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