Constant Systems proves excellent fit for NEO

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 03/28/2006 - 23:24.


Constant Systems' Aidan Audouy and Diane Brown drew a diverse audience for a roundtable dedicated to closing the economic development loops needed to attract their company to Northeast Ohio. Roundtable attendees had the one challenge: to learn enough about Constant Systems to determine who we know who may help Constant Systems succeed here - an experiment in viral social networking, open source economic development and the power within very few degrees of separation. In other words, among the diverse thirty-or-so folks who came together for the Excellence Roundtable, we expect to be able to connect the representatives of Constant Systems with the people they still need to meet here to succeed... customers... very specialized customers, primarily in medical-related R&D, of which NEO has many, and access all world-wide.

Aidan and Diane provided an excellent overview of Score Group, the $1 billion+ conglomerate parent of Constant Systems - bringing Constant Systems to NEO brings Score Group to NEO... that is perhaps the biggest score in this whole relationship.

But just scoring Constant Systems basing aspects of their biotechnology will be a powerful coup for NEO. As Aidan demonstrated, by showing their machine dusrupting cells, this is very cool technology offering innovative potential.


Considering the unusual subject, the participants for this roundtable were especially broad based (list will post asap), ranging from a few NEOans originally from Britain, extending X-pat greetings, to folks affiliated with medical research and universities, economic development professionals, city and county officials and the press - if this team and our networks can't close Constant Systems, no one can. Updates to post as we get them together...

Close Constant!

Nice overview of the roundtable.  I think a smart and concerted marketing strategy will really do the trick here, and regarding that - here are some key thoughts for starters.

1.  Taking the key markets for the disruptor and defining a tailored 
     approach to saturating each.  An example would be universities:
     for these, identify the (20 or so) regional universities with research
     interests that necessitate cell disruption and would benefit from the
     advantages in reproducibility, ease of use, etc this machine offers.

2.  Leveraging known inroads to each of the schools - by growing the social
     network of Constant Friends - and sharing these with Aidan and 
     Diane so proper referrals and introductions can be made that capitalize 
     on a relationship-based model.   Roundtable attendee X introduces
     Constant to Professors Y and Z and invites them to a disruptor demo
     at UH, where a machine already sits in use.  Voila!

3.  Identifying all possible pharma and biotech companies that have labs
      necessitating superior disruption (in NEO).  We have these 
      competencies here, let's leverage them to their fullest and create
      more accurate research that leads to the development of better 
      drugs or prototypes brought to market.

4.  Drawing area researchers to single-point demo locations, where
     machines already exist and are being used practically makes a lot
     of sense.  This creates networking opportunities for those who attend
     and could stimulate interesting discussion between researchers that
     might even lead to collaborative research intersections and new value.

There are many more of course, these are just a few that first came to mind.  Let's hear from others!

Meet the Bloggers meets Constant Systems

A few weeks ago, I participated in a Meet the Bloggers interview/podcast of East Cleveland Mayor Brewer, which was my first experience with podcasting production and Meet the Bloggers, and it dawned on me we need to Meet the Blogger the Excellence Roundtables. So, thanks to Meet the Bloggers co-founder, Brewed Fresh Daily founder, CoolCleveland CIO and all around really wired and unwired George Nemeth, we have our first podcast from the roundtables... here for Closing Constant Systems. To listen to the podcast, visit the links posted at Meet the Bloggers, and feel free to comment on this feature here. You can be sure we'll be continuing and growing our use of rich content in the future...


Meet The Bloggers podcast: NEO Excellence Roundtable 03/28/06

A new foray for MTB, partnering with RealNEO and recording their NEO Excellence Roundtable. This one took place with Diane Brown and Aidan Audouy of Constant Systems, LTD., a British company that creates cell disruption systems. Diane and Aidan are studying the market in North American, making connections and trying to find a place to put down roots. This roundtable was about helping them find the right people to talk to—the nuts and bolts of attracting companies to Cleveland for economic development.

Part 1
. Time: 17.22
Part 2. Time: 18.53
Part 3. Time: 14.47