11 Dollar Beers - Worth it to see Big Papi?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 05/03/2013 - 19:51.

At bat with bases loaded, this was a three run second base homer for Big Papi

But the entire operation is sick.   

Stadium with electronic signs everywhere - blaring out Budweiser!  

You bring a little kid to this shit, and the kid's brain is going to be indelibly impressed with corporate crap. 

That's what pro "sports" is all about: a platform to literally pick your pocket while you are at the stadium (No kidding, $11.00 beers - the guy next to me had 3) and not so subtle ads to warp your mind for the rest of your life with Coke, Bud, and all the other crap.  

Glad I went.

Blue Jays won.

Erhh, no, I mean Budweiser won....Bud is so sick they actually promoted a designated driver's volunteer program.   You could sign up at the stadium to drive other drunk folks home after the "game".  (not a game).   So, Bud sells more $11 beers, and volunteers drive home the wreckage.   Sinister.

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SIN TAX.....Cleveland should tax........

Why isn't Cleveland taxing the real sinners???????

hmmmm where shall we begin in choosing what a "SIN TAX" is?

I mean, "SINNING" is a "MATTER OF OPINION"? (At least in this day and age!)

Perhaps we should start with taxing the bath houses?

Just saying.....and how about the public parks where the deviants go to screw during the middle of the day on craig's list....??

Maybe we should tax the public restrooms too???

Perhaps if we just made all these places have like "TOLL TAXES" we'd quickly raise enough funds to rebuild not only stadiums.....but the American public at large!!!!

I think all that sin tax money should go into trust funds for all the kids in our country......see what kind of things they can do in adulthood instead of allowing it to get used up in childhood by parents....but must have a list of things they gotta do to get it beginning with graduating from high school to doing a couple years of public service....yes, make it ascertainable by age 21.....and if they borrow loans for post secondary training...it can be used to pay back those loans, etc.

Always Appreciative,

Why is Budweiser Sick??? CONSUMERS ARE SICK...lol

You mean grown Adults attend these events to spend their hard earned money as they please.....and it's Budweiser's fault that they need a designated driver?? (Wait, I know you didn't say that; I just received it that way!)


What is SICK includes all the patrons who are so CONSUMERISTIC that they take for granted how they blow their own money and the repercussions of their actions in all directions....to include failing to pay attention to the politics of WHY all those beers cost $11.00...

GOD BLESS AMERICA...sports fanatics, middle class, and working class citizens afford these events regularly---to enjoy their free time....but it's an expensive American hobby to be a sports enthusiast these days... totally unaffordable for the little people....who are barely lucky to enjoy these events on a public tv station when they are available.


BTW...just look at those beer bellies! Woohoo! American Pride at its best! LOL.....and then we wonder why the kids all think those morbid obese bellies are "acceptable!" ????

God Bless the USA!

Always Appreciative,

 Of course, the $11.00 beer


Of course, Angel, you're correct:  the $11.00 beer is the fault of the customer.  

If, for just one game, every customer refused to buy 11 dollar beer, the price would come right down.   A can of beer can't cost more than a dollar for the seller - bought in truck loads.  1,100% mark up.  You think?

So, I thought it might be a cool project to surround the stadium with folks handing out "Don't by a beer" info sheets.  With the internet one could organize this.

Don't by a beer" - not for religious reasons, but to pull down the price.   

The police would be all over you.   You'd be arrested on the public sidewalk.   Interfering with beer sales; section 1045 Municipal Code.

Insurrection. A beer price reduction?

Then, in looking at the images I had of the beer sales fellow above, I saw that in blue print in the middle of the metal pin it read "service limit one".  

That's why this fellow Hien was only at our aisle once.  That was his limit.   

But then another and another sales guy or gal came by our aisle.   

So "service limit one" is a joke. 

Just look under the seats at the end of the game.  

Lots and lots of empty beer cans.....

The cops dragged one fellow out on his back right down one of the concrete stepped staircases from the stands above.    Looked too rough in my opinion.

Aramark, the beer service provider for the Blue Jays,  in  "2012, ARAMARK was honored as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute".