2/03/2015 — Dormant volcano in California shows movement — Large seismic event underway - West coast & East coast watch (prepare

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A dormant volcano in Central-East California is showing movement.

Crater Mountain, part of a greater volcanic complex in central California, just had a 3.1 magnitude earthquake.


crater mountain dormant volcano earthquake feb 3 2015


This movement at dormant volcanoes was expected to occur this week.

Expected due to fact that the Western portion of the craton has been displaced from Canada to Salton Sea, and from California to the Oklahoma / Colorado/ Kansas / Texas fracking operations.

Notice the entire Western portion of the craton, and the Southern portion of the craton has movement showing across over 2,000+ miles. Several of the locations are dormant volcanoes, or deep drilling operations.

craton earthquakes feb 3 2015

The Earthquake showing at the border of Arizona and New Mexico is also associated with a dormant volcano.  As seen in this graphic attached below, multiple events have occurred at this location.  Some even very close to the surface.

This dormant “unnamed” volcano has a monitoring station on top of it, proving someone somewhere is watching it for some reason or another.

Odd that this particular dormant cone is showing movement when all other peaks around do NOT have any monitoring stations atop their peaks.


arizona new mexic dormant volcano earthquakes july 3 2014a

On top of the movement in California, there has been additional movement at the NW Nevada dormant volcanic buttes.

The area in NW Nevada has been experiencing a large ongoing swarm of earthquakes, some of which were at 0km depth (surface movement).  This location has now reached upwards of multiple HUNDRED separate earthquakes just in the past few months.

Clearly volcanic in nature , an ancient butte and fissure.


nevada earthquake oct 30 2014 ancient volcanic rift nevada earthquake

In addition to all other volcanic areas showing movement, we’ve also seen a return of activity to the Western portion of the Yellowstone magma chamber.


The Yellowstone supervolcano magma chamber has been verified to reach into central Idaho.  Central Idaho being the location of the current (and ongoing) earthquake swarm.

This graphic is from the AGU (american geophysical union), showing the new measurements of the underground magma chamber at Yellowstone:

yellowstone swarm march 25 2014

Finally, let’s not forget the movement showing at the Salton Sea volcanic buttes (yet again).  When we see the dormant volcanoes show movement up the West coast , and at Yellowstone, we always see additional movement at this ACTIVE volcano in Southern California.

Graphic below shows past movement and detailed information on the location:

salton sea volcano california earthquake march 27 2014


Believe it or not, Salton Sea volcano could erupt if enough earthquake pressure is placed upon the magma chamber.  This is not my assessment, but the professionals take on the situation (see video below)

Main Stream Media Confirms Possible Salton Sea… by dutchsinse


Now that the dormant volcanoes are showing activity, and since we’ve already seen excessive movement along the edge of the craton at the fracking operations of Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas — we can expect 3 things in the United States over the next 3-7 days….

1. Movement to occur on the East coast between the Carolinas, and New York state.   Most likely a moderate swarm will occur, as opposed to one single larger release event, but if no swarm occurs, then one larger earthquake will strike between New York and Southeast Quebec (New Brunswick).

2. Movement to become more noteworthy in Southern California.  South of Mono Lake to Salton Sea be on watch for moderate movement (hopefully everything will be less than 6.0M!)

3.  Expect a larger event from the Coast of Oregon to Vancouver Island BC.

[ the unnamed #4 we need to watch the fracking operations for multiple larger events , which at this point doesn’t even need to be said, since we just had FIVE greater than 4.0M events in the past 7 days! ]

see my video on those larger fracking earthquakes here:


Whatever you do, do NOT ask the Texas Railroad Commission about fracking, unless you like being lied to..


International forecast will be out tomorrow.




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