Acknowledgement of Norm Roulet's contribution and influence

Submitted by marccanter on Wed, 01/06/2010 - 17:23.

In my earlier post today, I have to apologize for not pointing out the significant contribution and influence REALNeo co-founder Norm Roulet had in me coming to NEO.

Yah sure - Norm and I don't see things eye to eye, but that's fine with me.

Everyone reading this post knows how compelling and argumentative Norm can be and how his  sharp wit can can convey a biting message - especially when it comes to moving here.  Well Norm called me up about a year ago, ranting about REALNeo, urban gardening, food processing, East Cleveland and local Cuyahoga County politicians.

Little did I know that Norm did this a lot - to everyone.

Here I thought Norm had singled me out and had called me up - cause he cared about what I was doing, grokked citizen dashboards, open digital platforms and new kinds of open standards.

In reality - Norm was just acting like Norm - enthusiastically protruding an enteral sense of optimism, compunction and glee.

And for that - I want to thank Norm for getting me to come to Shaker Sq.  What an amazing place to live!

I'm here now - and I ain't leaving.

And while we're at this acknowledgement game - lets not leave out Susan Miller and Peter Whitehouse.  And Laura McShane.  Or Tim Ferris.