ADAHMS board and CPS in NEO

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The immeasurable destruction to lives as a result of frauds, deviants, and traffickers in NEO has subjected countless children to harm by and through lies and abuses to their parents, mostly to UNSUSPECTING mothers...

Police and CCDCFS is INCOMPETENT to respond to the needs of these families without INTERFERING WITH THE FAMILY MEMBERS RIGHTS....CCDCFS engages in illegal investigations that cause harm.... not help families....they take children from Mothers who are trying to protect those kids from the abusers...and CCDCFS charges them with child kind of system is this destructive agency? 



Is it common for unsuspecting women, mothers, wives, and girlfriends to go through "changes" (breakup, grief, moving, and other personal choice reactions like health care responses, personal safety choices, and protecting their children from harm choices) once she finds out her "alleged heterosexual Christian male partner" is on the "Down Low" or living a double life while engaging in male4male discreet sexual encounters behind her back? 

To all those who are openness like living in your truth, don't lie to partners, and who have put safety first in decisions you make, God bless.... but to all the freaks who believe they have a right to violate others with such reckless choices, you are the ones that need to be held accountable for your fraud and abuse. 

In 2017, over 2500 ads were being posted in Cleveland's Craigslist personals for discreet M4M sexual encounters EVERY 3's unimaginable how many women (and partners) have been put at risk of HIV and AIDS and countless other sexually transmitted diseases by these freaks and frauds...the statistics are OUTRAGEOUS locally, exposing a true public health problem.

Boyfriends and Married, down low men were and continue to be meeting in bathrooms at Walmart,  Sam's Club, Home Depot, parks, restaurants, churchs and  across town throughout
Cuyahoga County, Ohio (and wherever it is convenient) have sex with each other, give and receive bj's, and engage in high risk secretive sexual behaviors. The men included cross dressers, men who liked sharing pictures of their naked female partners, and who shared their female partner's underwear... the countless types of men who solicited before, during, and after work discreet sexual encounters was limitless....all for free and for their personal hedonism.

How many women and children were and continue to be subjected to unconscionable harm by their lying, deviant, and reckless closeted partners? 

How many dad's, stepdads, boyfriends, and fwb's abused women/mothers who unintentionally discovered their secrets and told others about these men's secret lifestyle choices?

How many liberal police and caseworkers found absolutely nothing wrong with this abuse to women and children by these deviants?

How many policies are in place to protect women and children from abuse by these closeted monsters who will cease at nothing to stay in the closet? 

What's Cuyahoga county politics on this???? It is to human traffick the victims for federal grants while insulating this criminally culpable community of underground deviants with new protections.... let's pity the LGBTQ PERPETRATORS and violate the innocent....because they are stupid enough to believe that they had rights to be free from harm, especially STATE CREATED HARM...

How many more lives will be destroyed by this public epidemic of narcissistic behaviors that subjects families to harm?

This is a public issue... and it's time NEO Libtards stop USING AND abusing and victimizing women and children more by violating them with subjective hogwash that violates their ability to be safe from the ongoing harm that results in these CCDCFS involved cases...

Oftentimes, these family truths are undisclosed because of fear from other threats received by the perpetrators who are culpable.  Trying to separate and move away from these unscrupulous frauds costs money and time.... the last thing a victims need are injustices and injuries created by CCDCFS interfering with their rights by seeking custody of their children after a DV involved breakup. 


CCDCFS must stop eating up everything abusers share as valid. 

State created harm by IGNORANT, UNTRAINED, and INCOMPETENT public servants under the color of law results when victims of these frauds seek help during the breakup phase.....which is the most dangerous period of transition....

Good thing these lifelong liars are experts at manipulating law enforcement agencies and caseworkers by blaming the victims for their oftentimes hysterical responses to such unconscionable behaviors.... CCDCFS is obviously INCOMPETENT to complete valid investigations. Instead it conducts sham misinformation reviews, doesn't read reports, and misleads the courts with their assumed HEARSAY. 


It's amazing how much money the ADAMHS board gets for treating this population of families disrupted by lies, abuse, and harm.... more money! 

Apparently enough unsuspecting victims have been injured by deviants in NEO for the federal government to spotlight this public health CRISIS which oftentimes results in domestic violence.... so, the next time you get a bit of gaslighting from your partner, remember to have an unspoken safety and exit strategy that is in place before you are the victim of his wrath... too many women have died tragically trying to exit from these control freak deviant down low destructive behaviors....get yourselves checked.... 

Over 200 new cases of HIV were reported in 2017.... 46% are African American.... 
There are currently about 5,700 people living with HIV or AIDS in the Northeast Ohio region, but there are likely many more. The CDC estimates about 15% of people are HIV positive and don’t know it.

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